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Land Of The Galilee - Lodging - צימרים בגליל

Holiday Flats, Ceramics Studio & Gallery

Holiday Flats, Ceramics Studio & Gallery - +972 (0)54-4393969

Six modernized, fully equipped holiday flats situated in a serene rural atmosphere suitable for both couples and families. 

קרמיקה, אירוח ונופש
/map.asp?x=-26&y=920&title=קרמיקה, אירוח ונופש
Spring in the Vineyard

Spring in the Vineyard - +972 (0)4-6950997, +972 (0)50-5634425

Four charming wooden cabins overlooking a valley teeming with vineyards and orchards.
A pastoral view and atmosphere of tranquility, a cool breeze flowing from the wine valley.

אביב בכרם
/map.asp?x=8.5&y=611.5&title=אביב בכרם
Nano’s Guest Room

Nano’s Guest Room - +972 (0)54-4546143, +972 (0)77-5503880

Across from the spectacular view of the Golan Heights and Mt. Hermon, the Galilee Panhandle and the spread out Naftali Mountains, we created luxurious, well-equipped guest accommodations that serve the beautiful and fun ambience.

אצל ננו
/map.asp?x=-76.5&y=847.5&title=אצל ננו
Lev Ari

Lev Ari - +972 (0)4-6949393, +972 (0)57-7768061

Lev Ari country inn in Metula invites you to breathe clear mountain air, to be excited from Metula’s and Upper Galilee’s amazing view and to enjoy a recreation in a different atmosphere.
/map.asp?x=-25.5&y=920.5&title=צימרים למטיילים לב ארי
Love in the Marom

Love in the Marom - +972 (0)4-6791841, +972 (0)52-7336665

Designed units with a separate parking and entrance with a charming lobby. All the units are accessorized and indulging. Every unit has a balcony towards the view and in the yard there is a big pool and an orchard.
/map.asp?x=72.5&y=194.5&title=אהבה במרום
Eretz Hagalil – Amirim

Eretz Hagalil – Amirim - +972 (0)4-6980434, +972 (0)50-5821621

Guest houses rated A, B and C in a charming area, where you can easily lose sense of time. The area is spacious (about 7 dunams) with a garden and an orchard that you can tour and find unique and quiet corners.
/map.asp?x=150&y=316.5&title=ארץ הגליל
House on the River

House on the River - +972 (0)50-7822582, +972 (0)50-6462096

A family recreation apartment located in a unique nature area on the river bank. The apartment is spacious with homely comfort and close to attractions, shopping centers and synagogues. Especially suitable for religious families.
/map.asp?x=-21.5&y=793.5&title=בית על הנחל - קרית שמונה
Beautiful cabins

Beautiful cabins - +972 (0)4-6931744, +972 (0)54-2277288

In Rosh Pina there are 2 romantic wood cabins looking out towards the Hermon in a spacious garden, with a private balcony and a parking lot. The cabins are big with a large Jacuzzi, am equipped kitchen and more.
/map.asp?x=22&y=378.5&title=בקתות יפות

Romantican - +972 (0)4-6936935, +972 (0)50-3343001

Across the Galilean mountains and the Golan Heights are 4 luxurious and romantic wood cabins: Romeo, Juliet, Amnon and Tamar, that are ideal for couples or for a couple + child. Every cabin has a terrace and lawn.
Nofei Habashan

Nofei Habashan - +972 (0)4-9922440

In Nofei Habashan you will have a charming vacation in a romantic atmosphere within green and blossoming nature opposite the Golan and Upper Galilee beautiful and pastoral landscapes.
/map.asp?x=-131.5&y=682&title=נופי הבשן - להבות הבשן

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