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Golan - Restaurants

Cowboy Restaurant

Cowboy Restaurant - +972 (0)4-6960206

The cowboy restaurant in Merom Hagolan is a senior restaurant with reputation of its country style and specialization in mini- meats. Quality meat, vegetarian and special dishes for children are prepared in a wood construction.
/map.asp?x=-324&y=661&title=מסעדת הבוקרים
Meat restaurant XO

Meat restaurant XO - +972 (0)52-7244305

At the bottom of the Hermon in the picturesque village of Majdal Shams there is a restaurant serving authentic meat food from the best of the Druze kitchen.
/map.asp?x=-307.5&y=895.5&title=XO  מסעדה בשרית

Sandian - +972 (0)50-7698135

Sandian restaurant is located in the north of the Golan in the beautiful Druze village, Bukata. Beautiful mountain scenery and blue skies will give you appetite. In Sandian you will be served Druze delicacies and oriental foods: humus, shwarma, meats and various salads.
Bella Vista

Bella Vista - +972 (0)52-420205, +972 (0)77-3228050

Looking for a tasty suggestion for a romantic dinner?
Bella Vista will serve you a pampering and tasty Italian meal all the way to your country lodging.
Food art studio

Food art studio - +972 (0)74-7018475, +972 (0)50-3309000

At the place there are Italian meals served. The menu is made together with the client from all the materials offered in the place, For the special experience please reserve in advance.
/map.asp?x=-134.5&y=301&title=הסטודיו לאומנות האוכל
Nofesh Al Rama

Nofesh Al Rama - +972 (0)4-6851100, +972 (0)52-8348502

In Keshet Yonatan we invite you to enjoy delicious and varied meals here or in every place you choose with unique authentic food productions, ready meals for guest houses in the area. We also have meals for groups and visitors.
/map.asp?x=-360&y=407&title=קשת יהונתן

Sharoola - +972 (0)52-5345855, +972 (0)50-4211007
/map.asp?x=-262.5&y=665.5&title=K בר קפה

Yaeli - +972 (0)4-6821855, +972 (0)52-8348302

Yaeli- a coffee shop and restaurant with dairy menu: stews, quiches, soups, salads, sandwiches, fish and desserts. Kosher.

Haruva - +972 (0)4-6734420, +972 (0)4-6794016

Haruva restaurant is located on a cliff in Mitzpe Shalom in the south of the Golan, overlooking an astonishing observation point towards the Sea of Galilee. This is the only place where you can observe the Sea of Galilee at the height of 500 meters from one edge in the north till its southern point.
/map.asp?x=-167.5&y=12.5&title=הבקתה מצפה לשלום

- +972 (0)50-4880765

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