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The Valleys - Attractions

Lavido Natural Cosmetics

Lavido Natural Cosmetics - +972 (0)4-6515132

Come to the visitor’s center and the factory store of Lavido natural cosmetics in heart of Sdot Nahalal.  You can enjoy the workshops at the center, free tours, the botanical garden ”Adam and Adama” and the factory store, which offers a wide range of our natural cosmetics.

- +972 (0)4-9532901, +972 (0)52-3556939
/map.asp?x=511.5&y=-41.5&title=קובי פליישמן
Ofek Bashetah

Ofek Bashetah - +972 (0)4-9833987, +972 (0)52-2662181

A center for mountain bikes in Moshav Beit Lehem Haglilit – specializes in popular bicycle tours for families and children.  The service includes rental, instruction and accompaniment.  At the site there are lavatories, parking, a sales and repair center. We also have bicycles with a seat for kids.
/map.asp?x=527&y=-50.5&title=אופק בשטח

- +972 (0)4-9835171
/map.asp?x=100&y=100&title=משתלת ורדים- קרן צור

- +972 (0)775030001
/map.asp?x=553&y=-139&title=בית הספר הישראלי לקרקס בכפר יהושע
The milk cows path

The milk cows path - +972 (0)4-9832437, +972 (0)52-3275682

We hold an educational experiential tour that integrated an explanation with work in the barn. We start with a cow that was the last to give birth – why is her calf sucking milk? Why did the cow prepare a udder full of milk? On pregnancy and birth, on mammals and on humans.
/map.asp?x=510.5&y=-41.5&title=שביל פרות החלב
Ducks in the Village

Ducks in the Village - +972 (0)4-6540882, +972 (0)52-3221357

Kfar Baruch – wonders of life creations.  It includes a professional and exciting  guided tour with all kinds of activities – everything is alive, real, captivating and fascinating, dealing with the creation of the chick from the egg, the hatching stages, recognition of its mother and more...
/map.asp?x=495&y=-196&title=ברווזים בכפר
Ceramics Monica

Ceramics Monica - +972 (0)4-6549455, +972 (0)4-6549756

A ceramics gallery in Kibbutz Gevat where the work of Monica Edri, a graduate of Batsalel, is displayed.  Monica works using a variety of ceramic techniques and creates useful and artistic creations.  She also creates special orders.  Visits need to be coordinated in advance by phone.
A Maze in the Valley

A Maze in the Valley - +972 (0)4-9830255, +972 (0)50-5404473

”Mavoch Ba’emek” is a different type of recreational experience.  The maze is built on an area of 8 dunams and within it there are 2000 meters of winding and complicated paths.  Those who come to the maze are assisted by a ”map” which includes 8 hints, & more...
/map.asp?x=575&y=-117.5&title=מבוך בעמק http://

Oraita - +972 (0)52-2618070

Oraita Gallery, offering fascinating workshops connecting color and words.

Oraita Gallery, offering fascinating workshops connecting color and words.

A Creation with colors that takes the participants to the world of the past, to research sources and Israeli roots.
As part of the development of "content" tourism among Israeli travelers we see ourselves as a center for unique quality - Jewish tourism.
In our gallery you will find activities for groups and organizations, on the way to or from the north.

Also accessible for handicapped.

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