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Land Of The Galilee - Agriculture Tourism

Naaman Winery- Ramot Naftali

Naaman Winery- Ramot Naftali - +972 (0)4-6944463

The vineyards of Naaman Winery are planted at the height of 420 m. above sea level with exposure to gentle winds and low temperatures in the night. Tours and tastings at place.   +972 (0)50-7944881
/map.asp?x=7.5&y=611.5&title=יקב נעמן - רמות נפתלי
Derech Hahalav ("The Milk Path") – Beit Hillel

Derech Hahalav ("The Milk Path") – Beit Hillel - +972 (0)52-8316624

Kurlander Farm in Moshav Beit Hillel, on the banks of river Hatsbany, invites you to a memorable experience in a state of the art dairy farm and visitor center. The Kurlender farm also produces organic olive that can be purchased at place.  +972 (0)52-4585058
/map.asp?x=-72&y=800&title=דרך החלב –בית הלל
Galilee Beehive – Kibbutz Shamir

Galilee Beehive – Kibbutz Shamir - +972 (0)4-6947826

At the Galilee beehive the visitors can discover the beehive secrets and observe the working bees along with the queen bee in a glass beehive.  +972 (0)50-7314535
/map.asp?x=-149.5&y=719.5&title=מכוורת גליל – קיבוץ שמיר
Dalton Winery

Dalton Winery - +972 (0)4-6987683

Dalton Winery is located at the top of Galilee, a mountainous area full of greenery. This area is considered to be an excellent area grape growing. The winery’s visitor center offers a variety of meals rich in meat and dairy with advance reservation.
/map.asp?x=89&y=454&title=יקב דלתון
Galilee Mountains Winery – Yaron

Galilee Mountains Winery – Yaron - +972 (0)4-6868748

The joint creation of the Golan Heights winery and Kibbutz Yaron, merges the unique characteristics of the Upper Galilee Mountains and the expertise of the Golan Heights wineries in manufacturing quality wines. 

/map.asp?x=142.5&y=563&title=יקב הרי גליל – יראון
Vered Hagalil Farm – Horse Riding

Vered Hagalil Farm – Horse Riding - +972 (0)4-6800407

The riding stables of Vered Hagalil are one of the first stables in the country with a longstanding tradition of horse riding trips.  The coaches are certified, professional & friendly. They lead the riding trips in a wide range of paths.
/map.asp?x=6&y=272.5&title=חוות ורד הגליל – טיולי סוסים
Michelle Winery- Shar Yeshuv

Michelle Winery- Shar Yeshuv - +972 (0)50-5369796

A boutique winery located in Shar Yeshuv. The grapes are brought from chosen vineyards in Upper Galilee. The grapes are good and the most high quality in Israel so that the wine will be the best possible.
/map.asp?x=-141.5&y=840&title=יקב מישל - שאר ישוב
Amram Winery– Ramot Nephtali

Amram Winery– Ramot Nephtali - +972 (0)4-6940039

A country and pastoral atmosphere envelops the boutique winery of the Azolai family who live in Moshav Ramot Naphtali.  The cellar stores a range of winery wines and family photos that document the wine preparation process.   +972 (0)50-5222901
/map.asp?x=7.5&y=611&title=יקב עמרם – רמות נפתלי
3 Vines Winery- Ramot Naftali

3 Vines Winery- Ramot Naftali - +972 (0)52-2660933

A boutique winery located in Ramot Naftali. The grapes, cabernet sauvignon and merlot  are picked from self- growing areas in a unique vineyard in Kadesh Valley. Shiraz is picked from a nearby vineyard in small amounts from blending.
/map.asp?x=7.5&y=611&title=יקב 3 גפנים - רמות נפתלי http://
Ramot Nephtali Winery

Ramot Nephtali Winery - +972 (0)4-6940371

The winery is located in a house yard which has a wine vineyard adjoining it along with a cultivated yard.  The grapes are gathered during the early morning hours manually.  The barrels are new French oak the wine matures for 12 -18 months. +972 (0)54-7983100


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