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Tiberias - אטרקציות בטבריה

Holyland Sailing

Holyland Sailing - +972 (0)4-6723007, +972 (0)50-5285246

Romantic sailing on wood boats with a sail, as done 2000 years ago on the Sea of Galilee. One boat is for 55 people and the other is for 114. The boats sail on the Sea of Galilee in different courses with all music styles.

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Yaskil Gallery

Yaskil Gallery - +972 (0)4-6721087, +972 (0)4-6721321

Located in the renovated Dona Gratzia Street the gallery exhibits pictures of local sceneries in spectacular colors.

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Water level measure

Water level measure

In the southern part of the Igal Alon promenade is a unique and impressive visual display. The display is an environmental sculpture 5 meter high and 3.5 meters wide that provides a 3D expression of the Sea of Galilee’s water level. 

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Sculpture Garden Museum

Sculpture Garden Museum

A unique sculpture complex that refers to the stories of Tiberias. The museum is open to the public all year round. It is located between the Scottish Hotel and the Sea of Galilee. Among the exhibiting artists are: Ilana Gur and Amos Yaskil.

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Pubs and entertainment

Pubs and entertainment

Doris Bar- dancing club and pub, Kibbutz Afikim
Papaia- dance bar, Tiberias promenade
Chocko Bar- dance bar, Tiberias promenade
T Bar- pub, dance bar in the southern Tiberias entrance.
Tartel Beach- pub on the beach of Sea of Galilee, Galei Kinneret
South Beach- pub Friday- Saturday from 22:00

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Deep Green- ecological Galilean inn

Deep Green- ecological Galilean inn - +972 (0)46620704

Deep Green is an accommodation inn that is designed according to ecological principles. In the farm there is a tourist goat pen and boutique dairy. The farm’s yard is rich with organic vegetables and fruit trees.

/map.asp?x=195&y=-5&title=”ירוק עז”- חאן גלילי אקולוגי

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Shikmim Beach

Shikmim Beach - +972 (0)57-3330135

Shikmim beach that is located next to Holiday Inn is opening with a new administration. Many attractions on beach, among them: an arranged camping with lawns, water sports, ATV, horse riding and more. 057-3330135

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Barco Park

Barco Park

The impressing park reveals to the public Tiberia’s magnificent past, starting from Hordus Antipas in the 1st century until the 11th century- the reign of the Fatims. The park includes gardens, archaeological findings and serves for mass events.

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Guy Beach Aquatic Park

Guy Beach Aquatic Park

Aquatic park for all the family: water slides, swimming pool, wave pool, spacious lawns with sun tanning chairs and sunshades, restaurant and shop. 

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