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Open Museum Tel Hai

Purim in the Open Museum of Photography, Tel Hai industrial park
Performances, costumes, creative and photographs- 19-21.3.2011

Saturday, 19.3 at 11:30- "The princess and the magic dress"
In Pantala kingdom of King Claudio the 3rd a terrible thing happened- his beloved daughter- the spoiled princess Claudia- has become sick in a terrible disease! Only a magic dress can save her.
In the sow the children will meet many funny, strange and mysterious characters that are shown with masks.
The story- theatre with Gili Ivri integrates movement and interaction with the audience.
Suitable for ages 4-10. Price: 25 NIS – child, 20 NIS- adult.

Monday, 21.3 at 11:30- The magician's costume ball
A musical activity- performance, creativity and celebration in the forest. The forest is lively and excited, sounds of elephants, monkeys, lions and all other animals are a real carnival. The magician creates a magnificent and colorful costume ball for all forest animals. The children will participate in making musical instruments and will join the musical party.
Suitable for ages 3-7. Price: child- 20 NIS, adult- 18 NIS

In addition, all days of the holiday (Saturday- Monday, 19-21.3) there will be various workshops:

Integrated masks- a weaved mask from strips. Price- 15 NIS
Both sides of the mask- creating a multi- directional mask out of a personal picture. Price- 15 NIS
A costume for a moment- distortion of a personal picture on the computer. Price- 15 NIS
Coloring masks. Price- 5 NIS

The entrance to the museum on Saturday is free. The activities are charged.
Sunday- Monday. Entrance fee- child- 15 NIS, adult- 18 NIS including one workshop free.
Opening hours: Saturday 10:00-17:00, Sunday- Monday- 8:00-16:00

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