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Golan - אטרקציות ברמת הגולן

Artist Village

Artist Village

On Rd. 808 is Aniam, an artist village built in European style, with artist galleries. In the galleries you can find jewelry, illustrated ceramics, illustration on cloth and wood, carpentry, woven baskets, pictures, mirrors, watches… 

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ATV- Ein Zivan

ATV- Ein Zivan - +972 (0)4-6993610, +972 (0)50-9001070

In the north of the Golan Heights, on the slope of the picturesque Avital Mountain that is in the Kunetra Valley, in a natural setting of forests, orchards, open fields, rivers and the breathtaking volcanic landscapes of wild nature.
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- +972 (0)4-8711357, +972 (0)52-8635937
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Anahnu- photography and people

Anahnu- photography and people - +972 (0)52-8514425

In Mevo Hama, on a cliff in front of the most beautiful space in the world Anahnu was opened. Photographers from Israel and the world, new and senior exhibit their works in two spaces.
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Helmit - +972 (0)4-6962454, +972 (0)52-6785196

Helmit Leibovitz -A workshop creating for the last 35 years souvenirs and Jewish and Christian ritual objects. The products are created from olive trees growing in the Galilee that are dried naturally. All the products are handmade.
Rami Ben Zvi

Rami Ben Zvi - +972 (0)50-5229450

Jeep tours, water trails and night safari in a charming atmosphere. Guided tours in the Golan and Galilee on history, geology and the Jewish people heritage. Open and air conditioned jeeps.
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- +972 (0)4-6961350
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Movie experience

Movie experience - +972 (0)4-6838016, +972 (0)50-5541032

In the cinema there are two presentations: 1. Something from the movies- a special movie with happenings in and out of the screen. The movie includes 3D parts and deals with Elrom studios. 2. Oz 77- about the heroic combat in Habacha. Valley
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Antiques Museum

Antiques Museum - +972 (0)4-6961350

An exhibit of elephant and hunting utensils remnants of the ancient Golan residents, a house of pagan farmers from the 4th thousand BCE, a multi media explanation about the mysterious site Rujum El Hiri.
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Luna Gal

Luna Gal - +972 (0)4-6678017, +972 (0)4-6678009

Luna Gal- the biggest water park in the north invites you to a new, fresh and sparkling experience integrating all the indulgencies. The huge water facilities, various sea sport, gourmet meals or light meals, water games and more.

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