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Golan - Lodging - צימרים בגולן

- +972 (0)52-3398119

- +972 (0)50-3309000
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Dror Accommodation Rooms

Dror Accommodation Rooms - +972 (0)4-6961175, +972 (0)50-5275981

In Katzerin’ center there is a unique and charming place near the Sea of Galilee and the Hermon. Dror Accommodation Rooms offer the guests spacious and accessorized accommodation units, for a perfect and relaxed vacation.
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- +972 (0)4-6962103, +972 (0)50-3908901
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Miles Accommodation Rooms

Miles Accommodation Rooms - +972 (0)4-6984818, +972 (0)54-4626814

In Neve Ativ on the way to Mount Hermon, in the highest place in the country. Snow in the winter and clear mountain air in summer.
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- +972 (0)52-2536162
/map.asp?x=-350&y=597.5&title=להב בגולן

- +972 (0)4-6961395, +972 (0)52-4608232
/map.asp?x=-220&y=413&title=אירוח מכל הלב

- +972 (0)4-6925201, +972 (0)54-7441327
/map.asp?x=-136&y=301&title=חלום כחול
A Different Atmosphere

A Different Atmosphere - +972 (0)4-6961661, +972 (0)52-6611096

At the edge of Katzerin, far from the noise , two beautiful wood cabins are waiting for you in which you will feel like you are in a different place. .. The cabins, designated for couples, are built from wood and designed in maximum comfort, with a unique touch and much love- a perfect romantic place for rest and detachment.
/map.asp?x=-197&y=421&title=באווירה אחרת
A Flower Zimmer

A Flower Zimmer - +972 (0)4-6961631, +972 (0)50-2053073

Indulging, air conditioned and accessorized suites in Katzerin in the Golan. Indulge and delight your senses… in a quiet and calm vacation with lovely scenery, a romantic Jacuzzi overlooking the marvelous view of the Sea of Galilee and Golan.
/map.asp?x=-195.5&y=420.5&title=לבן בתדהר, קצרין

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