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    The Valleys

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    Phone: +972 (0)4-6540495
    The Valleys


    for Tourism in the Valleys was founded in 1995 by the regional municipalities of Yizrael Valley and Megiddo. Currently, it is comprised of 100 tourism sites. Its goals include promoting the existing sites, developing the tourism industry in the region and facilitating the connections between the sites themselves as well as contacts between them and other organizations with similar objectives.

    Geographically, it covers the area of the two municipalities and the vicinity, up to Nazareth hills to the north, mount Tavor and yessasschar high region to the east, Shomron mountains, Menashe high region and the Carmer ridge to the south and south-west, and Tivon hills to the west.
    The association runs courses, seminars and professional tours in collaboration with the Entrepreneur Fostering Center and the Small Business' Authority.

    One of its main areas of activity is marketing the regional tourism by a large variety of means, including media publications, local and national public relations, mailing materials to agents and operators, presentations in exhibitions and fairs, and producing regional events.
    The Association's internet site provides detailed information about hotels, b&b, restaurants and coffee houses, museums, galleries, outdoor activities, agricultural attractions, guided tours etc. Each tour site also has its own home page.

    The Valleys area is a combination of rural scenery, walking and bike-ride trails, car scenic roads, historic and archeological sites, agricultural tourism, restaurants and coffee houses, galleries and visitor centers, all just about an hour and a half from Tel Aviv… it's an extraordinary experience within a short ride.

    Contact us for more information:
    Association for Tourism in the Valleys, P.O.B. 9000, Afula 18120
    Tel 04-6520013, 04-6520095
    Fax 04-6520014

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