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עמותות התיירות בגליל

  • Golan Golan

    Land of water, wine and basalt. The land of wild landscapes, freedom and breadth.
    Golan Heights.

  • Land Of The Galilee Land Of The Galilee

    Come and rest in a pleasurable vacational experience.

  • Tiberias Tiberias

    Tiberias, Galilee’s capital, nourishes its future with its glorious past.

  • Sea of Galilee Sea of Galilee

    Information center about hikes, vacant lodging and reduced tickets for attractions.

  • The Valleys The Valleys

    An enjoyable experience in various tourist sites applicable for the whole family.

  • Nazareth Nazareth

    A city with international value of history and heritage. Be part of the experience.  

  • Western Galilee Western Galilee

    The most loved beaches, sceneries, attractions, lodging and sites in the Western Galilee

  • Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an

    The valley of  Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an . One of the gorgeous regions in Israel.

  • . .

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Discover a New World in Israel

Come explore the Druze and Circassian culture in the Galilee and Carmel, a world you may have never known existed

Route 1: Druze Villages in the Galilee
We will begin at the Druze holy site – the tomb of Nabi (Prophet) Sablan in Hurfeish. We will learn about the Druze people and their belief in reincarnation, and we will enter a prayer cave.
At Julis, we will visit the grave of exalted Druze leader Sheikh Amin Tarif, continue to the millennium-old village of Yirka, walk through its enchanted alleyways, and taste some Druze food before we leave.
Next is a lookout on the way through Jat, and a visit to the oil press in Yanuh – the only donkey-operated oil press still around. In Peki’in, our tour begins at Diwan Al Mukhtar, where we will hear stories about the village. We will tour the village nucleus and see the spring square and the strawberry tree that are commemorated on Israeli 100 NIS notes. We will visit the soap workshops of Savta (Granny) Jamila, and then meet Margalit Zinati, who comes from the only Jewish family in the village – next to the ancient synagogue.
The last stop will be Beit Jann, the highest village in the Galilee (3,450 feet above sea level), where we will enter the visitors centers of Aya Natural and Dr. Dabour Laboratories – local factories that produce natural products. Our finale will be to enjoy the hospitality of a local family for an authentic Druze meal.

Route 2: Druze Villages in the Carmel
We will drive on the winding road between Daliyat al-Karmel and Isfiya. We will tour the village nucleus of Isfiya, hear about the status of the Druze woman, and learn the secret exclusive to Druze women: how to prepare Ma’arli – a unique beverage. We will enter the old oil press inside a cave hundreds of years old. From the village lookout, we can see the entire Haifa Bay. A local family will host us for lunch (option of a kosher meal).
From there we will continue to Daliyat al-Karmel for a tour of the village nucleus, the pedestrian street, and the holy place for prophet Abu Ibrahim (related to Eliyahu HaNavih in Mount Carmel). We will then come to the house of Sir Laurence Oliphant – a Christian Brit that actively supported Zionism (1829-1888). His secretary, Naftali Herz Imber, composed Israel’s national anthem, Hatikva. We will then visit the Memorial House for the Druze that fell in Israel’s wars. We will continue on foot in the direction of the village exit, stop next to a spring, and end off with a visit to the Daliyat al-Karmel market.

Route 3: The Circassian Villages in the Galilee
We will begin in the smaller of the two Circassian villages – Rehaniya. We will tour the village center, pass through the old house now used as a museum, hear the true story behind the custom of kidnapping the bride, and taste an authentic Circassian dish from the Caucasus.
From there we will drive to Kfar Kama, where we will visit the Circassian Heritage Museum, and then ride into the village on a real carriage or group bicycles. We will tour through the picturesque alleyways and hear explanations about the village. As a delightful finale, we will feast on local delicacies in one of the local restaurants.

חגיגה צרקסית 

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