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עמותות התיירות בגליל

  • Golan Golan

    Land of water, wine and basalt. The land of wild landscapes, freedom and breadth.
    Golan Heights.

  • Land Of The Galilee Land Of The Galilee

    Come and rest in a pleasurable vacational experience.

  • Tiberias Tiberias

    Tiberias, Galilee’s capital, nourishes its future with its glorious past.

  • Sea of Galilee Sea of Galilee

    Information center about hikes, vacant lodging and reduced tickets for attractions.

  • The Valleys The Valleys

    An enjoyable experience in various tourist sites applicable for the whole family.

  • Nazareth Nazareth

    A city with international value of history and heritage. Be part of the experience.  

  • Western Galilee Western Galilee

    The most loved beaches, sceneries, attractions, lodging and sites in the Western Galilee

  • Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an

    The valley of  Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an . One of the gorgeous regions in Israel.

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Where Jesus Walked

The Galilee is a region where one can retrace the path of Jesus step by step.
Here, in the vastness of the valleys and mountains, you will come to the places where He worked miracles.
You can stand where He preached, and walk the roads that He and his disciples took, where believers flocked to his side. In later centuries churches and abbeys were built to commemorate these sites.
The New Testament tells of many places that have since become renowned places of pilgrimage. In fact, at almost every corner of the Galilee you will see pilgrims from across the globe coming to visit the places where Jesus lived and walked.
They pray in the churches, visit the abbeys, and meet with members of local Christian communities, who keep the fire of faith burning.

Where Jesus Walked 
  • 1

    From Mount Precipice to the cradle of childhood

    Begin the day’s tour observing Mount Tabor and the Jezreel Valley from Mount Precipice. From this point Jesus leaped to the valley after being pursued by the people of his village. Descend to Nazareth and explore the old city, where Jesus’ childhood village once stood. Begin at the Synagogue Church, where Jesus prayed with his family and neighbors. Walk to the Church of Annunciation, Nazareth’s most important place of worship. The church was built on the site of the Virgin’s house, where the angel Gabriel revealed the forthcoming birth of Jesus to her. Nearby is St. Mary’s Well, once the main source of water of the ancient village, where Mary drew water for her family. Visit St. Gabriel’s Church, standing on the site of a Byzantine church, that was built near the fountainhead. 

  • 2

    From mountain to valley

    Embark the tour at Kafr Kanna (Cana), where Jesus performed the miracle of the wine at the paupers’ wedding. Many betrothed couples still choose to marry in the wedding church. Go up to an unparalleled panoramic spot on the top of Mount Tabor. See the Church of Transfiguration. Built above Byzantine remains, it is one of the Galilee’s most elaborate churches. Visit the place where Jesus conversed with Elijah and Moses and came to know of his forthcoming death. Observe the scenic views of the Jezreel Valley, just like Deborah the prophetess, who watched Barak fighting Sisera. From there Get down to the southern tip of the Sea of Galilee, the Yardenit baptismal site lies. This site, where hundreds of thousands flock every year to be baptized in the waters of the river Jordan, is an ideal location for a rest. Afterwards go to kibbutz Ginosar, to the Yigal Allon Museum. Inside the “Jesus Boat” is displayed. This boat ia a 2,000-year old wooden craft retrieved from the bottom of the Sea of Galilee. Now it is a good opportunity to open the New Testament and follow the lesson Jesus gave his disciples from the boat. (Matthew 8, 23:27)

  • 3

    From the Miracle to the Sermon

    Begin your tour of Kursi looking at the blue scenery of the Sea of Galilee, where the Miracle of the Swine took place. Visit the remains of the ancient Fifth-Century abbey and church, the largest of its kind in Israel. Here we can pause for a moment’s rest and make a wish under the boughs of the “Enchanted Tree.” From Kursi continue along the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee up to Tabgha. Enter the Church of the Multiplication of the Loaves and Fishes. You can approach the font dating back to the time of Jesus and observe the restored ancient mosaics, which feature a depiction of the miracle. Continue to the Church of the Primacy of St. Peter, the site of the rock upon which Jesus laid out breakfast for his disciples. Walk along the newly-built boardwalk leading up to the remains of the impressive Capernaum Church, where the House of St. Peter once stood. The church was constructed in the First Century and rebuilt during the Byzantine period in striking octagon shape. Conclude the day’s tour at the Mount of Beatitudes and its splendid church, where Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount.