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Golan - Lodging - Kibutz Hosting

Hanof Hatsforni Ortal ("The Northern View Ortal")

Hanof Hatsforni Ortal ("The Northern View Ortal") - +972 (0)4-6960808

In the north of the Golan Heights there are Scandinavian wood cabins within a pine tree forest.  The cabins have a huge Jacuzzi, television, cable, a fireplace and an oven.  Breakfast is served at the cabins.
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- +972 (0)4-6960009
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Odem Hagolan

Odem Hagolan - +972 (0)4-6837724, +972 (0)50-5667000

In the heart of the scenery and quietness the accommodation rooms of Odem are located. The rooms are surrounded by the greenery of the lawn and the trees and the air of 1,100 meters height above sea level and the tranquility of the desert.
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Merom Hagolan Tourism

Merom Hagolan Tourism - +972 (0)4-6960267

The country lodging includes 32 accommodation rooms, within them 8 rooms with a Jacuzzi. All the rooms have: Parent’s beds (2 adjacent beds) & a folding sofa for children, a kitchenette, air-conditioner, satellite television, shower and bathroom.
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Lan Bagolan Eyn Zivan

Lan Bagolan Eyn Zivan - +972 (0)4-6993610, +972 (0)50-7578444

"Lan Bagolan" is a country lodging site at Eyn Zivan, located in the north Golan Heights, in an area rich with nature and amazing landscapes.  At the guests’ service are pools, green grassy areas, shaded areas, play area for kids &more.
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Orhan Afik ("Afik Guesthouse")

Orhan Afik ("Afik Guesthouse") - +972 (0)4-6761240

The Afik guesthouse invites you to enjoy a wonderful vacation with country hospitality.  There are 35 air-conditioned and equipped rooms that include a coffee area, a refrigerator, color television and lavatories connected to the room.
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