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Golan - Lodging - קמפינג בצפון

The Indian Village Avney Eitan

The Indian Village Avney Eitan - +972 (0)4-6762151

In Moshav Avney Eitan above El Al nature reserve there is an Indian Village in which you can find quiet & tranquility & connect to nature while enjoying the magical views of the Golan.  The tents are large and include lighting & mattresses.
/map.asp?x=-307&y=123.5&title=הכפר האינדיאני אבני איתן
Sha’al Camping

Sha’al Camping - +972 (0)4-6981651, +972 (0)52-4600465

A place for lodging in tents & huts, with lavatories, warm showers, electricity outlets, lighting, barbeque area, coffee area & a refrigerator.  Beautiful tents with mattresses, cafeteria on site & for kids there is an animal corner & sandbox.

/map.asp?x=-243.5&y=640.5&title=קמפינג שעל
Cabins in the fog

Cabins in the fog - +972 (0)4-6984218, +972 (0)52-2697718

In the heart of berry orchards there is a camping with fresh and cold air. The place is built on the foundations of the ecological existence offers toilets, hot showers, cooking area, refrigerator, electricity and a starting point to hiking tours.
/map.asp?x=-195.5&y=661.5&title=בקתות בערפל
African Camping

African Camping - +972 (0)52-6153898, +972 (0)52-3798807

Gorgeous tents surrounded with marvelous sceneries overlooking the Naftali Mountains, Hula Valley and Golan Mountains, The air is cool and fresh even in the summer.
/map.asp?x=-197&y=662.5&title=אפריקאן קמפינג

- +972 (0)52-6022287

In north of the Golan, on a cliff just above Hula Valley ,with an outstanding view, there are two spacious Mongolian tents built on a wood floor and well equipped. Each tent has its own washroom.
Both of the tents are suitable for couples, families and groups.
our great location that connect the Golan with the upper Galilee is a great starting point for a lot of treks and attractions.
/map.asp?x=-193&y=663.5&title=חאן בחברותא http://www.בחברותא
Khan Nahal El Al

Khan Nahal El Al - +972 (0)4-6602569, +972 (0)525557395

On a cliff over the El Al River in the Golan Heights, you will find a unique tourist site, which includes an entire world within it.  The location incorporates tent lodging and guest rooms and there is a wide array of attractions.
/map.asp?x=-310.5&y=120.5&title=חאן נחל אל על
Cloth stories

Cloth stories - +972 (0)4-6763475

Cloth stories- in an olive orchard in Eliad in the Golan there is a big tent for lodging on mattresses with toilets and showers, Suitable for the summer or winter.
/map.asp?x=-263.5&y=96&title=סיפורי בדים
Shmurat Yahudiya ("Yahudiya Reservation")

Shmurat Yahudiya ("Yahudiya Reservation") - +972 (0)4-6962817

The Yehudiya Forest Reservation is located in the center of the Golan Heights.
At the location there is an information center that is used as a departure base to the large rivers in the reservation: Yahudiya, Zoytain and Meshushim.
/map.asp?x=-185&y=320&title=חניון יהודיה http://
Khan 4X4 Onot (Hostel 4X4 Seasons)

Khan 4X4 Onot (Hostel 4X4 Seasons) - +972 (0)4-6993610, +972 (0)50-7578444

In the north of the Golan, at the foot of Mount Avital in the most beautiful place, at the height of 1000 meters, in the center of cherry orchardsare concealed four Syrian constructions. A wonderful starting point to marvelous trails.
/map.asp?x=-349&y=598&title=חאן 4x4 עונות
Genghis Khan

Genghis Khan - +972 (0)52-3715687

In the yard of the Tsafrir family in Moshav Givat Yoav there are five spacious Mongolian tents that are suitable for families, couples and groups.  The tents are equipped with air-conditioning and mattresses.
/map.asp?x=-189&y=85.5&title=ג’ינגיס חאן

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