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הצפון הקרוב - Lodging - Motels

Beit She’an Guest House

Beit She’an Guest House - +972 (0)2-5945644

It is located in a unique architectural structure, on the Beit She’an Valley and the Gilboa Mountains.  At the site there is a private swimming pool, a luncheonette, internet access stations, a home movie system, a basketball court, a television room and a synagogue.
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Ma’ayan Harod Inn

Ma’ayan Harod Inn - +972 (0)2-5945589

At the foot of the Gilboa and next to the national park Ma’ayan Harod are 33 accommodation rooms with 4-5 beds each. The rooms are air conditioned with showers and lavatories, television and refrigerator and hot drinks. At place there is a lecture hall, basketball court and catering services.
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