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עמותות התיירות בגליל

  • Golan Golan

    Land of water, wine and basalt. The land of wild landscapes, freedom and breadth.
    Golan Heights.

  • Land Of The Galilee Land Of The Galilee

    Come and rest in a pleasurable vacational experience.

  • Tiberias Tiberias

    Tiberias, Galilee’s capital, nourishes its future with its glorious past.

  • Sea of Galilee Sea of Galilee

    Information center about hikes, vacant lodging and reduced tickets for attractions.

  • The Valleys The Valleys

    An enjoyable experience in various tourist sites applicable for the whole family.

  • Nazareth Nazareth

    A city with international value of history and heritage. Be part of the experience.  

  • Western Galilee Western Galilee

    The most loved beaches, sceneries, attractions, lodging and sites in the Western Galilee

  • Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an

    The valley of  Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an . One of the gorgeous regions in Israel.

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Winter time at the Sea of Galilee is pleasant. Temperatures are not too low, and despite the rainfall it is an ideal season for sports competitions. The annual Tiberias Marathon begins at Tiberias; runners pass through Tzemah, reach Ein Gev, and return to Tiberias. Winter is also a good season to taste the delicacies of the various unique eateries located around the Sea of Galilee. On weekends tourist sites are open all night long, and guided tours for families take place in sites around the Sea of Galilee.
Nazareth is at its festive best at Christmas time. Unique, colorful festivals celebrating Christmas and New Year’s Eve are held over the course of two weeks. The festivities culminate with the Midnight Mass, celebrated at the Basilica of the Annunciation on December 24. On this day the traditional holiday procession is held along the main road leading to the Basilica. This fascinating procession is attended by numerous, elaborately-attired clerics, and draws thousands of pilgrims from across the world. The procession concludes with a breathtaking fireworks show. On December 26 another magnificent procession takes place – that of Christ the Child; beginning at the Mensa Christi Church, it is concluded with a grand service at the Basilica.
  • Every year, in honor of Tu B’shvat the valleys celebrate the Tastes Festival.
    When the valleys all wear white and pink of the trees, and around there are many colors of the blossoming of anemones, groundsels and chiles, restaurants and coffee shops integrate for wonderful meal campaigns accompanied with a wine glass that can wake up the bears from their sleep. The meals’ low rice and the appetizing menus draw many dinners to the Tastes Week in the Valleys celebrations.
    The valleys celebrate in song, playing, arts fair, interesting tours in the dairies, wineries and agricultural farms. A celebration for all the family.

  • Many are familiar with the bird migration phenomenon, but not many know that for millions of migrating birds the last stop, the winter hotel, is here is the north of Israel- in Galilee, Golan, Spring Valley and more.
    The natural and artificial cisterns, the forests, beaches, fields and natural open areas all provide a winter home for millions of birds of different kinds- starting from the little songbirds to the cranes, ducks, seagulls, black and white storks and many more.
    Our pleasant winter is a fantastic period to go out to the nature reserves, parks, Sea of Galilee and the many agricultural areas and enjoy the amazing abundance of birds.
    "Bird Winter", the first international ornithology festival in Galilee, is organized by the Nature and Parks Authority. JFK, the Society for Protection of Nature and Galilee Development Authority. The festival offers bird watching for everyone- tours, activities, demonstrations of scientific actions like bird ringing, photography and drawing workshops, dramatized stories, tours and lectures with ornithology experts, lodging with bird watching tours and even sailing with birds at the Sea of Galilee.

  • "Women build bridges" festival that is taking place for the 5th time on the Israeli-Jordan border will celebrate 100 years for the international woman’s day. The major event in the festival- the march- will take place on March 11th with 5000 women participating from Israel, from the Jewish and Arab sector, women from "Spring Valley" regional council, women from Beit Shean, religious and secular women, a group of women from Jordan and a group of women from the Cleveland community in the U.S.A. The march will depart from the observation point next to Kibbutz Gesher according to the signposts fixed at place. The route will go through fish ponds and water reservoirs, hosting these days many kinds of birds, until the entrance of old Gesher site.