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    • Golan Golan

      Land of water, wine and basalt. The land of wild landscapes, freedom and breadth.
      Golan Heights.

    • Land Of The Galilee Land Of The Galilee

      Come and rest in a pleasurable vacational experience.

    • Tiberias Tiberias

      Tiberias, Galilee’s capital, nourishes its future with its glorious past.

    • Sea of Galilee Sea of Galilee

      Information center about hikes, vacant lodging and reduced tickets for attractions.

    • The Valleys The Valleys

      An enjoyable experience in various tourist sites applicable for the whole family.

    • Nazareth Nazareth

      A city with international value of history and heritage. Be part of the experience.  

    • Western Galilee Western Galilee

      The most loved beaches, sceneries, attractions, lodging and sites in the Western Galilee

    • Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an

      The valley of  Springs, Gilboa and Bet She’an . One of the gorgeous regions in Israel.

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    • A celebration of wine in Galilee, Golan and Valleys!
      The region of Galilee, Golan and the Valleys is a region of vineyards and wineries for hundreds of years. The Paths of Wine events celebrate the region’s richness and products and are dedicated to the love of wine. During the festival the public is invited to tour, celebrate, enjoy and toast Israeli authentic wine glasses.

    • 3 days during Pesach in the new West Touristic Compound in the northern Golan.
      Sculptures and artists from the Golan and Galilee create in front of an audience that can watch the developing creative process during all Pesach days. Whoever will stay till the end will enjoy the final works of art. The basalt sculpturing symposium takes place in the Golan since 2009 and visitors are invited to watch the impressive basalt sculptures from the prior symposiums that are situated in the sculpture garden in Park Ha’orvim, next to the West Touristic Center. The symposium’s curator is the artist David Yas’ur. During the symposium’s days there will be live sculpture performances, creative art workshops, theatre games, art in nature workshops for landscape drawing, clay sculpturing and ecological creation, live music and more.

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