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Golan Heights Israel

The Golan in its Entirety

Green and quiet, wide, trusting, wild and breathtaking – the Golan Heights is open to visitors. With abundant streams, water falls, flowing water and endless space… this, is the magic of the Golan Heights Israel.

From the hot springs of Hamat Gader the Golan rises to its highest peak at Mount Hermon. The dark volcanic hills, protruding on the horizon, are decorated by fruit orchards everywhere. The basalt earth and its unique formations, the wind turbines producing electricity, the great water reservoirs on Route Mapalim (waterfall road), the twisting canyons, the irises and meadow saffron, the deer and gazelles, the wolves and jackals, the hyraxes, wild bores, and vultures soaring above… there is no doubt – you have arrived to the Golan.

Thousands of years of history and settlement have left their marks on the land of the Golan. The ancient synagogues from the Second Temple and the Talmudic era tell the stories of glorious communities of the past, here in the Golan. Starting from the important chapter in the story of Gamla, a fortified city located above the river, with hearts and faces of its defenders turned towards Jerusalem. Continuing on to Katzrin taking us on a journey to the Talmudic Sanhedrin (supreme judicial court), until the present, with renewed and dynamic settlement, awakening and improving the ancient agricultural domains so distinctive to the Golan: the grape vineyards and the olive orchards.

Modern olive presses and wineries were built alongside the ancient ones, producing some of the finest olive oil and wines in the country. The apples, the cherries, the figs and other fruits of the Golan fill the baskets during the seasons' harvest. Even the Bahshan cows that graze here – precede their name…

Local restaurants prepare delicious foods from the Golan Heights produce, and have become leading in their field. On the menu: first class gourmet; various “bistros”; authentic dinners hosted at home; poyke in nature and much more. Whatever sleeping accommodation you request, classic hotels set harmoniously with the view, or wooden cabins for those seeking serenity in the forest, camping sites for a unique and exciting Galilee Experience… the Golan residents host with a generous heart.

On holiday – like on a holiday, after being pampered in a spa, enjoying the touch-treatments elevating body and soul, one must go out to the great outdoors. Hiking trails, horseback riding, cycling, jeep or buggy rides, facing the Golan coast when sailing the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret) or cruising the Jordan River, any way you choose, you will discover the beauty and the force of this place.

Don’t miss the Visitor Centers, where you can get specific information about the Golan and learn about the people, who open their doors wide to their homes, to their art, to their wares and to their life…

Here it is all spread out before you… the Golan in its entirety.


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