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Golan - אטרקציות ברמת הגולן

Rosa’s carriage

Rosa’s carriage - +972 (0)4-6820466, +972 (0)523284047

Come laugh and have fun in Rosa’s carriage that will take you to a charming and unforgettable trip in nature. The carriage is driven by two horses for up to nine people in the carriage. 0523284047

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Ramot Farm

Ramot Farm - +972 (0)57-7364752, +972(0)57736750/1

Riding tours and rodeo shows in Ramot and all over the country, suitable for big groups. Riding tours starting from one hour up to a few days with an option of outdoor lodging. Suitable for beginners and experts.
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Robotic barn

Robotic barn - +972 (0)50-4060311, +972 (0)4-6763563

An experiential visit to the sophisticated robotic barn, activities for all the family, workshops for making cheese, rural meals and much fun. From the first fays of Grandpa Gad to the robotic barn.
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Hamat Gader

Hamat Gader - +972 (0)4-6659999, +972 (0)4-6659998

An Israeli paradise! In Hamat Gader there are thermo- mineral fountains, children pools, water slides, huge lawns for picnics, the biggest tropic alligator farm in the middle east, mini safari, parrot shows, Roman antiquities.
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Horse & Cherry Farm

Horse & Cherry Farm - +972 (0)4-6837752, +972 (0)52-3791651

The Horse & Cherry Farm is located in a pastoral charming landscape of Odem Forest at the height of 1100 m. above sea level. In the site there are two attractions: a horse riding farm and self picking of cherries (operates between end of May to end of June).
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Gil Golan

Gil Golan - +972 (0)4-6960019, +972 (0)52-8119505

In the riding center the whole family rides together- tours is nature reserves, a tour in a carriage with stories about carters. The center offers attractive activities for groups and individuals. There is also camping in the center.  052-8119505
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End of the Road

End of the Road - +972 (0)4-6600683, +972 (0)54-6883939

Sof Haderech- in Sof Haderech we will create for you the best vacation- romantic, family and all who want to tour and rest.
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Gil Golan Riding Center

Gil Golan Riding Center - +972 (0)52-5612258, +972 (0)52-8480568

Gili Golan’s Riding Center offers attractive activities for families, groups and individuals, with ponies for children. The trails are situated in the nature reserve above Alonei  Habashan. There is also an option of a day trip with a horse and colorful carriage to Tel Abu Katif, with stories from the past.
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Rami Ben Zvi

Rami Ben Zvi - +972 (0)50-5229450

Jeep tours, water trails and night safari in a charming atmosphere. Guided tours in the Golan and Galilee on history, geology and the Jewish people heritage. Open and air conditioned jeeps.
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