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Golan - Restaurants

Bella Vista

Bella Vista - +972 (0)52-420205, +972 (0)77-3228050

Looking for a tasty suggestion for a romantic dinner?
Bella Vista will serve you a pampering and tasty Italian meal all the way to your country lodging.

Sharoola - +972 (0)52-5345855, +972 (0)50-4211007
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Cowboy Restaurant

Cowboy Restaurant - +972 (0)4-6960206

The cowboy restaurant in Merom Hagolan is a senior restaurant with reputation of its country style and specialization in mini- meats. Quality meat, vegetarian and special dishes for children are prepared in a wood construction.
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Gilis - +972 (0)4-6763555, +972 (0)54-6646955

Reuven and Yossi Gilis live around cattle for more than 30 years. Starting from cultivating Black Angus and growing selected cattle in Golan pastures through meat producing and quality products in the butcher and continuing in school for meat and cattle.
/map.asp?x=-329.5&y=140.5&title=גיליס http://WWW.GILLIS.CO.IL
Mitzpe Gadot

Mitzpe Gadot - +972 (0)4-6964249, +972 (0)52-5311678

In the restaurant of Mitzpe Gadot you will find an oriental menu- meats, humus and homely stews.
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Shira Hadasha

Shira Hadasha - +972 (0)50-2335175, +972 (0)4-6762892

In Shira Hadasha: catering services for events and country lodging, sound and light services for events and performances, recreation for families in inns and fun days for employees and more.. all in one place according to the customer’s request.
/map.asp?x=-347&y=166&title=שירה חדשה אירועי שטח
Nofesh Al Rama

Nofesh Al Rama - +972 (0)4-6851100, +972 (0)52-8348502

In Keshet Yonatan we invite you to enjoy delicious and varied meals here or in every place you choose with unique authentic food productions, ready meals for guest houses in the area. We also have meals for groups and visitors.
/map.asp?x=-360&y=407&title=קשת יהונתן
Food art studio

Food art studio - +972 (0)74-7018475, +972 (0)50-3309000

At the place there are Italian meals served. The menu is made together with the client from all the materials offered in the place, For the special experience please reserve in advance.
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Haokyanus - +972 (0)50-8715735

Haokyanus- a restaurant that specializes in sew food and also meats, salads and excellent desserts

Shmulik’s - +972 (0)54-7271010

In Shmulik’s awaits for the visitors a designed space and interactive sound system. After you sit down and operate the senses, the enjoyment is promised. Shmulik’s bar provides a rich and excellent choice of wines, cocktails and beers.
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