IBB Guest room classification

The Galilee Development Authority together with the Tourism Association, which represents attractions, sites and guest rooms in the Galilee, joined together to market rural tourism in the Galilee as a high standard brand name product for incoming tourism from around the world. As part of preparing the ground for future tourist absorption, we must meet international standards of quality.
IBB project of the Galilee Development Authority, the Tourism Association, Ministry of Tourism and the Moshav Movement was designed to create a “unified language” of classification of quality, service, truth in advertising and availability. IBB classification system examines about 140 various criteria in accordance with international standards, and classifies the guest rooms to A, B and C categories.
The tour agents who participate in the project go through a training workshop for tour operators in order to receive a quality standard for guest rooms in Israel. On site they can find an evaluation by the Ministry of Tourism sales consultant. After receiving the classification they connect to a computerized system that allows the agent/tourist to surf the web and view guest room classification, accommodation prices and availability. Tour agents who complete the evaluation process receive a diploma and a sign which can be hung outside the guest room. The evaluation of the guest rooms is done randomly once a year.
*Representative data of prices, standards and classification – will show and update under “question mark” (?) symbol appearing next to the search engine of the classified guest rooms on the home page.
*Tour Agents interested in joining the IBB project are invited to contact the Tourism Association in their area. Threshold condition for joining the project is:
1. The owner has legal permits
2. The owner is a member of the Tourism Association
For additional details please contact Tali Omer at: talia@galil.gov.il
Or Shira Rochberg at: shira@galil.gov.il




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