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Word of the mayor:

The visit to Nazareth presents an unforgettable experience: strolling through the alleys of the Old City on all its historic and religious sites, smelling the distinctive and savory smells of the different spices and tasting the special dishes and candies in the Old Oriental market, going through the numerous shops with their lovely souvenirs and merchandise at the usual market prices and above all getting to experience the warm hospitality of the locals that welcome their guests cordially, in short: discovering the Nazareth charm.
Nazareth has three to five star hotels as well as a selection of unique restaurants some of which are located in historic buildings that have undergone restoration. A rare and winning combination of tradition and innovation transforms every dish into a one in a lifetime gastronomic experience.
Nazareth is not just another city, it holds a prominent place in history and human heritage.

Nazareth is waiting for you, come and be part of the experience.


                                                                                         Ramiz Jaraisy
                                                                                  The Mayor of Nazareth

The origins of the name: Nazareth

In the days of the second temple, Nazareth was a Jewish village (in the 6th century BC) therefore the origin of its name is in Hebrew. As far as is known the name of the city is derived from the Hebrew noun ne•tser which means a branch or an offshoot. The Christians construe that as a sign that Jesus' origin is in the House of David which reinforces the notion that he is the Messiah.
Alternately, the name may derive from the verb na•tsar, "watch, guard, keep, referring to a high mountain where the city lies guarding Emek Izrael which used to accommodated lots of fierce battles and fighting in the early days.
In his days, Jesus was called: Jesus of Nazareth which is the origin for the Hebrew word for Christianity: Nazrut. In English, Jesus is also called Christ meaning, Messiah, and therefore Natzrut in English is Christianity. In Arabic, Jesus is called "Masiah" and the Christians are called "Masiahv"

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