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Nazareth - Attractions

Kfar Natsrat ("Nazareth Village")

Kfar Natsrat ("Nazareth Village") - +972 (0)4-6456042

In the southern part of the city next to the English hospital (in Nazareth) a restored site that depicts the life in Nazareth, and all over the country, which opened five years ago after continuous research, at the start of the Roman period.

/map.asp?x=348&y=-101.3&title=כפר נצרת http://www.nazarethvillage.com
The Market – The Ancient City

The Market – The Ancient City - +972 (0)4-6011072

The intoxicating aromas of the iridescent ancient city and walking in the beautiful and magical alleys… to travel and enjoy yourself.  Along the entire market there are stores and stands with lots of goodies of all kinds – food, clothes, shoes, sweets, craft work, toys, records and more.

/map.asp?x=342&y=-93.5&title=השוק -העיר העתיקה http://www.nazarethinfo.org
Pahorat Moosmar

Pahorat Moosmar - +972 (0)4-6575996

The Moosmar family has kept the area form more than 100 years.  Four generations of potters continue their work like the world hasn’t changing.  They take the clay from the yard, transfer it onto ancient machines and afterwards create clay cylinders.

/map.asp?x=340.5&y=-95.5&title=פאח’ורת מוסמאר http://www.nazarethinfo.org

Cactus - +972 (0)4-6578539, +972 (0)505384343

In archeological excavations next to the Miriam Springs (”The Mayan Square”) an antique bathhouse was discovered that belongs to the period of Jesus.  Martina and Elias offer you a guided tour in the gallery streets called ”cactus” and it contains remnants of the bathhouse and a hypocaust.


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