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Herbal Therapists Course

Natural Pharmacy and Herbal Therapists Course – Picking and Cooking

Innovative, modern and scientific method based on an ancient tradition that allows a deep understanding of the structure of plants, their composition and use. In the course we will learn to cook and concoct medicine, tinctures, ointments, cosmetics and parboiling food (tea making). We will learn to identify, gather and grow herbs for healing, food and spice.
We will do all this while understanding the synergy between the different components and constructing unique formulas for each patient based on their own personal profile.
Course possibilities:
• Therapists course – 500 academic hours.
• It is possible to take the course in modules of 100 hours.
• A 12 hours introduction course.
Graduating from the course will allow you to treat others using herbs, produce medicine using natural pharmacy. You will have in-depth knowledge in anatomy, pharmacology, pathology, chemistry, botany and an extensive knowledge on growing a garden using organic agriculture to grow herbs for healing, food and spice.
The college is a practical college in the form of an American college. Its main vision is to incorporate its graduates in the work force while escorting them with consultation, guidance and starting a business. The college provides business and professional escort to its students in cooperation with MATI (business development non-profit organization).

• The human body and its systems.
• Healing herbs and their effect.
• Production techniques and preparation of different healing materials.
• Healthy and therapeutic nutrition that includes the preparation of unique dishes.
• Picking, identifying and gathering herbs.
• Cooking and preparing products.

The first class starts in October 2012 in Nazareth

Contact info:
Dr. Shmuel Naftali – Tony Kanaza Elbabour – TC College
050-5744750 052-2530393
tony@elbabour.com shmuelbn12@gmail.com
www.elbabour.com www.tc-tamara.com
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