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Nazareth - Events

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Tour in Nazareth

Tours in Nazareth in all seasons
Tours suitable for families with or without children

For groups and individuals
A classic walking tour in Nazareth- for families:
Duration of tour: 2-3 hours

We will start the tour at the Spring Plaza- St. Mary's well. From there we will walk a few paces to the Greek Orthodox Church of the Annunciation which is one of the most beautiful churches in Nazareth and Israel- a little and modest church with many icons and colors and a wood iconostasis standing here for more than 230 years. In the church in its ancient part is the holy well. From there we will turn to the pilgrims' road to a big and impressive building- the Maskobia that the Russians built in Nazareth as an inn for pilgrims almost a hundred years ago. Next to there, under the Bishop's house we will visit one of the most ancient caves in Nazareth that used in many historical periods since the Roman period. We will visit the Galilee's grinding mill (Al- Babur). We will visit a business that was established 100 years ago and sells all kinds of spices. We will go back to the pilgrims' road and in the Bishop's Plaza we will visit Darth Althkafe (04-6576322)- an old house gallery that has been renovated (opening hours: 9:00-17:00). We will continue the tour in the old city's alleys and market. Nearby is the first mosque built in Nazareth. This is the White Mosque. In its ground floor are archaeological findings and a museum is being built. We will visit the International Miriam Center- a unique attraction which is now being built. You can see the future model of the place in which you can discover Christianity and Maria with exposures to Judaism, Christianity and Islam (04-6461266)
From there we will go to the colorful market until the Latin church- The Basilica- that was built in 1969 an impressive and big church. In its ground floor are remnants of ancient churches from the Byzantine period like the residence cave that is associated according to tradition to the St. Mary. In the church's compound is St. Joseph's church that was built on St. Joseph's house At the end of the tour you can eat lunch in one of the oriental restaurants or the gourmet restaurants. For choosing a restaurant please enter thr restaurant category in our site: www.nazarethinfo.org

For details: Nazareth Association for Culture and Tourism: 04-6011072

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