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Sea of Galilee - Lodging

Spa Village Hotel

Spa Village Hotel - +972 (0)4-6655555

The Spa Village is a romantic and magical gem.  There are a variety of pampering services in the hotel including: thermo-mineral swimming pool, waterfall pools, tanning bed, pampering treatment rooms in wood structures and a dry sauna.

/map.asp?x=-169&y=-118.5&title=מלון ספא וילג`
Ahsaniat Noar - Karey Deshe "Youth Hostel"

Ahsaniat Noar - Karey Deshe "Youth Hostel" - +972 (0)2-5945633, 1-599-510-511

The accommodation home is located on the shores of the Kinnereth and is built as a khan around a beautiful inner yard that is surrounded by palm trees, pastures and a magical view of the water and the mountains.  In the hostel there are 65 rooms, a conference hall, a kosher certificate, and more...
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Ma’agan Eden

Ma’agan Eden - +972 (0)4-6654411

This is the most beautiful Kibbutz vacation village; your spot of heaven in the north.  In the heavenly vacation village there are 148 vacation apartments, a declared shore area, family events, meals for groups, a museum called "Beit Hatsanhan" (A house for the paratrooper), a swimming pool, & more
/map.asp?x=-72.9&y=-82.975&title=מעגן עדן

- +972 (0)4-6752020
/map.asp?x=-20.6&y=-50.75&title=חוות כנרת
Keinar Classic Hotel

Keinar Classic Hotel - +972 (0)4-6738888

A vacation experience that has everything you can ask for: swimming pool, playground apparatus, sport apparatus, pub, Jacuzzi, sauna, a conference hall, guided tours, souvenir shop, rooms for the handicapped, a club, restaurant and a health and fitness center.
/map.asp?x=-141.075&y=198.475&title=מלון כינר קלאסיק
Afikey Nofesh

Afikey Nofesh - +972 (0)4-6754150

A natural abundance with the view of the Valley and the Kinnereth along with hospitality services.  The lodging at Afikey Nofesh includes: guest room in a two floor structure, surrounded by pastures and vegetation.  The guest units are ground floor apartments right next to all the grassy areas.
/map.asp?x=-40.725&y=-127.625&title=אפיקי נופש
Kfar Hanofesh Haon

Kfar Hanofesh Haon - +972 (0)4-6656555

A vacation village on the eastern shores of the Kinnereth.  There are adjacent ground floor vacation homes in a pastoral environment.  The restaurant is strictly kosher, there is a beach for swimming, an ostrich farm, "Tsa’alon", which is a treatment spa center, paintball, hall for lectures and more

/map.asp?x=-106&y=-51&title=כפר הנופש האון

Hakuk Balev ("Engraved on the Heart")

Hakuk Balev ("Engraved on the Heart") - +972 (0)4-6799940 , +972 (0)4-6799951

On the top of the mountain of Kibbbutz Hukuk, an astounding landscape picture is discovered, the quiet conveys integration with nature and tranquility.  The site includes 72 rooms, a conference hall, playground apparatus, a basketball court, a minimarket, club, beer, coffee and a lobby.
/map.asp?x=72.225&y=216.25&title=חקוק בלב

Nahara - +972 (0)4-6756404, +972 (0)50-8652584

The vacation site is located inside the Kibbutz yard and includes 43 rooms, a dining room and restaurant, a swimming pool, rooms intended for the handicapped, sports facilities, guides tours, a coffee house "Haya Haya", which is like a small museum for the Kibbutz Shehaya and a discothèque.

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