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    Zohar Bakfar - Nativ Hashayara

    Zohar Bakfar - Nativ Hashayara - +972 (0)4-9822955

    The zimmer is located next to Kavri intersectionon road 70.  You will find a country atmosphere, including rich breakfasts that can be served kosher upon request.  Located in Moshav Hashayara.

    /map.asp?x=613&y=404&title=זהר בכפר
    Pitom Katom (Suddenly Orange)

    Pitom Katom (Suddenly Orange) - +972 (0)52-3750583

    Pitom Katom- zimmers in Bustan HaGalil. A quiet, pastoral rural accommodation compound, in a charming scenery, in the heart of Western Galilee, near the sea, close to tourist sites and attractions.
    /map.asp?x=685.5&y=333.5&title=פתאום כתום
    Beit Hasisam – Rosh Pina

    Beit Hasisam – Rosh Pina - +972 (0)4-6936973, +972 (0)50-5900240

    On Halutsim Street in Rosh Pina, between the ancient stone houses 120 years old, among the shaded concealed yards, you will find the Beit Hasisam- a magical home spacious and pampering; ideal for relaxation as in the old days.
    /map.asp?x=14&y=377&title=בית הסיסאם
    Hadas’s love

    Hadas’s love - +972 (0)4-9807262, +972 (0)50-9807262

    Hadas’s wooden cabins are awaiting you in Moshav Avdon in western Galilee, on the mountain, 10 minute drive from the sea. The charming cabins are located in the midst of a private, quiet and well kept yard.
    /map.asp?x=546&y=502&title=אהבת הדס
    Odem HaBar

    Odem HaBar - +972 (0)52-2324504

    In Moshav Odem in Odem Forest at the altitude of 1100 meters above sea level, we are waiting to create a pleasant vacation for the romantic couples among you. Odem HaBar - guest rooms designed and built in a rural atmosphere.
    /map.asp?x=-285.5&y=760.5&title=אודם הבר
    Legendry cabin

    Legendry cabin

    In Abirim, among oak trees and pistachio, 2 isolated and charming wooden cabins are located. If you want to spend a vacation in nature, isolated from the world, flooded with indulgences, this is the most suitable place for you.
    /map.asp?x=388&y=493&title=אגדה של בקתה
    Opposite the sunset

    Opposite the sunset - +972 (0)4-9806998, +972 (0)502810360

    High up above everyone, two romantic wooden cabins overlook the scenery and is a romantic studio with a corner jacuzzi next to the bed. The second a luxurious spa cabin with a huge jacuzzi, sauna and more.
    /map.asp?x=544.5&y=502&title=מול השקיעה
    Ein Harod

    Ein Harod - +972 (0)4-6486083

    A Vacation at the foot of the Gilboa. Ofek Hagilboa cabins- beautiful and spacious wood cabins suitable for hosting families. The suites are amazingly beautiful, built in order to provide maximum pampering for the guests.
    /map.asp?x=207&y=-326.5&title=עין חרוד
    Bederech Hateva

    Bederech Hateva - +972 (0)52-5579897

    Among mountains, hills and sea there is an amazingly quiet village named Ani’am. In the village’s center there is a place where you can rest and have spa treatments all day. You can taste homemade liqueurs and receive presents. Because it is a permanent matter, in Bederech Hateva spa.
    /map.asp?x=-261.5&y=357&title=בדרך הטבע
    Lev Ari

    Lev Ari - +972 (0)4-6949393, +972 (0)57-7768061

    Lev Ari country inn in Metula invites you to breathe clear mountain air, to be excited from Metula’s and Upper Galilee’s amazing view and to enjoy a recreation in a different atmosphere.
    /map.asp?x=-25.5&y=920.5&title=צימרים למטיילים לב ארי
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