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    Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House")

    Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House") - +972 (0)4-9808226

    In Moshav Betzet  there are 5 wood cabins, well accessorized, rated A and B.  They are located around a large green center surrounded by avocado plantations.  In addition, there are 2 romantic wood cabins within the avocado plantation.
    /map.asp?x=598.5&y=411.5&title=הבית של יעל
    Love in the Marom

    Love in the Marom - +972 (0)4-6791841, +972 (0)52-7336665

    Designed units with a separate parking and entrance with a charming lobby. All the units are accessorized and indulging. Every unit has a balcony towards the view and in the yard there is a big pool and an orchard.
    /map.asp?x=72.5&y=194.5&title=אהבה במרום
    Between mountain and sea

    Between mountain and sea - +972 (0)52-5607666

    Between mountain and sea in Betzet 5 wood cabins were lovingly built pampering and equipped with all needed for an enjoyable vacation, for couples or families. You will find a quiet and relaxed accommodation with a rich breakfast.
    /map.asp?x=612&y=543.5&title=בין הר לים
    Liat’s Cabins

    Liat’s Cabins - +972 (0)50-3716226

    In Moshav Ani’am that is located in the heart of Yehudiah nature reserve, in the Golan’s center, 2 beautiful, pampering and accessorized wooden cabins that are suitable for couples and families that are looking for a quiet, pleasant and romantic place.
    /map.asp?x=-261&y=358.5&title=הבקתות של ליאת
    Shamenet- Abirim

    Shamenet- Abirim - +972 (0)507497109

    At the top of a Galilean house, there is a pampering accommodation unit for one couple. Some people don’t want to leave the room because of the big space, the meticulousness designing and the huge balcony that surrounds it.
    /map.asp?x=100&y=100&title=שמנת -  באבירים
    Shvil Hachalav (The Milky Way)

    Shvil Hachalav (The Milky Way) - +972 (0)49808242, +972 (0)502792298

    Big accommodation units (2 bedrooms and a living room) for hosting families, couples and groups. The place is children friendly and has a rich play area, sitting areas and hammocks. We have a barn in which you can experience milking and feeding the calves.
    /map.asp?x=612.15&y=545.3&title=שביל החלב- מושב בצת

    Birkata - +972 (0)54-4525286

    Shelly and Itzik, a couple who moved to the Galilee to set up their life project in luxurious hospitality, with meticulous care. The name Birkata means blessing in Aramaic.
    Birkata has 2 suites built of ancient stone that were planned and constructed by Itzik himself.
    The stone houses were built in a natural grove that enters inside through a wide Belgian show-window.
    Hadas’s love

    Hadas’s love - +972 (0)4-9807262, +972 (0)50-9807262

    Hadas’s wooden cabins are awaiting you in Moshav Avdon in western Galilee, on the mountain, 10 minute drive from the sea. The charming cabins are located in the midst of a private, quiet and well kept yard.
    /map.asp?x=546&y=502&title=אהבת הדס
    Bikta Bahar (A Hut on the Mountain)

    Bikta Bahar (A Hut on the Mountain) - +972 (0)4-6902591, +972 (0)50-5375594

    A vacation site in Ramot Naftali that includes romantic, roomy (36 square meter!!) wood cabins surrounded by a beautiful garden – an idyllic location in the north for vacation and romance.
    /map.asp?x=7.5&y=612&title=בקתה בהר
    The Peleg Family Dream House

    The Peleg Family Dream House - +972 (0)54-4638213

    Indulging country lodging for a romantic vacation in Peleg’s house in Amirim. Wood cabins in a little heaven graded by the IBB ranking system.
    /map.asp?x=100&y=100&title=בתי החלומות מש’ פלג
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