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    Mountain Vacation

    Mountain Vacation - +972 (0)4-6940278, +972 (0)50-7438060

    Ffully equipped rustic B&B and deluxe cabins within the orchards and lawns, overlooking a spectacular view. A lavish country breakfast, heated swimming pool, a game area and a petting zoo await you.
    /map.asp?x=7.5&y=609&title=נופש בהרים

    - +972 (0)50-8828853
    A Corner in Sagra- Ilania

    A Corner in Sagra- Ilania - +972 (0)4-6769450, +972 (0)52-2595055

    In Ilania in the Lower Galilee is the recreation compound "A Corner in Sagra" that includes 3 indulging wood cabins, a wonderful suite and a charming and unique villa with 4 separate bedrooms with a lobby, central kitchen and Jacuzzi.
    /map.asp?x=191.5&y=-5.5&title=פינה בסג’רה אילניה
    Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House")

    Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House") - +972 (0)4-9808226

    In Moshav Betzet  there are 5 wood cabins, well accessorized, rated A and B.  They are located around a large green center surrounded by avocado plantations.  In addition, there are 2 romantic wood cabins within the avocado plantation.
    /map.asp?x=598.5&y=411.5&title=הבית של יעל

    - +972 (0)50-8663329, +972 (0)50-5302404
    /map.asp?x=-132.5&y=301&title=Black & White
    Villa on the Cliff

    Villa on the Cliff - +972 (0)4-6870377, +972 (0)54-6688014

    To get out of the everyday race, to breathe mountain air, to walk in magical landscapes, to hear the quiet, to drive in open roads and to feel (almost) alone. We know how much you need all these things.
    /map.asp?x=-196&y=662&title=וילה במצוק
    Romance Villa

    Romance Villa - +972 (0)4-6970198, +972 (0)54-4590096

    When was the last time that you had free time to light up your fire of love again? How much time are you promising yourselves to run away from everything to a calm and isolated place? A place where you can enjoy again from being together?
    /map.asp?x=-260.5&y=361&title=וילה רומנטיקה
    Among the Olive Trees

    Among the Olive Trees - +972 (0)4-6860569

    The Rosh Pina tzimmer is built as a studio unit and in the room there is an accessorized kitchenette, a sitting area, television and satellite TV, and DVD.
    /map.asp?x=19&y=376&title=בין עצי הזית

    Pinkooka - +972 (0)54-6760679

    In the picturesque town of Rosh Pinna are 2 romantic, well-designed inns overlooking breathtaking views. Every cabin contains a Jacuzzi, sitting area, fully stocked kitchen, air conditioning and other luxuries and surprises.
    /map.asp?x=18.5&y=376.5&title=פינוקוקה חדרי אירוח
    Leah’s Place

    Leah’s Place - +972 (0)4-6961955, +972 (0)52-3659033

    Leah’s place is located between A’it waterfall and the artists’ village, in the highest place in Aniam. There are 3 luxurious and equipped suites, indulging breakfasts, peace and tranquility.
    /map.asp?x=-258.5&y=358&title=ל.ב המקום של לאה
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