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Tiberias Israel

Tiberias offers the perfect vacation to the coast of the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).


The Tiberias Hotel Association is the umbrella organization for 30 hotels (about 4,500 rooms) in Tiberias.
A variety of hotels in Tiberias are part of the association catering to all kinds of clients, starting with 5 stars hotels all the way to3 stars hotels, hostels, and guest rooms.
There are different kinds of hotels such as: spa, recreation, business, family, concept, apartments, etc. Both, the Municipality of Tiberias, Department of Tourism and the Tiberias Hotels Association, encourage, support and develop tourism for the city of Tiberias.
The Tiberias Hotel Association functions in the area of marketing of tourism for the city of Tiberias for domestic tourism and regular tourism.

Tiberias Hotel Association
P.O. Box 885
Tel: 04-672-4549 
Fax: 04-672-4489

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