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Tiberias - Events

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Tiberium - water show

Tiberium- Musical water shows on the Sea of Galilee

In the last days an international attraction started to operate in Tiberias, on the lake's banks.
The attraction that is located on the southern part of the promenade includes a multi- sensational show that integrates: A magnificent fountain like the famous fountain of the Belazio Hotel in Las Vegas. Water spurts up to dozens of meters integrated with pyrotechnics, an elaborate sound system and advanced lighting that will move according to the music's rhythm that will all come to a fascinating show.
The show will include a unique screening on 2 advanced water screens and 4 shows that deal with different subjects, among them: history and legacy, international religion, the educational model of Tiberias and more.
The project was developed and established by Disc-In Pro
Stage Director: Moshe Yeni, Disc-In Pro
Co- Producer: Gil Teichman
Co- Producer: AVS

Technical facilities:
2 huge water screens, fire flames effects, dozens of dancing water spurts (fountains), lazer effects, quality music and rhythm and sound effects.
A unique projection on the breakwater, artistic lighting synchronized with the show, blowing up elements, over 100 pumps.
A special raft was built for equipment installation and operation. Multichannel sound system installed on the visitor promenade.
Duration of every show- 15 minutes.

Subjects- 4 shows on different subjects
1. My Sea of Galilee- An Israeli show that describes the development of the Sea of Galilee, the settlement around it till this day.
2. An artistic presentation- An experience of sound, color and rhythm. The show is young and dynamic, with different communal aromas.
3. Past grows the Future- Integrates a huge project of the Municipality of Tiberias that participates the young generation in conserving tradition.
4. Classical show- Classical music creations with international artistic creations.

The show times: 19:00, 20:00, 21:00

Changes will be published if needed.

Closed in rainy days

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