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Land Of The Galilee

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Land Of The Galilee


The land of Galilee- The tourist organization of the Upper Galilee.

We would like to invite you to enjoy a diverse, challenging vacation, where you can “recharge your batteries” for the coming year and which will leave you with pleasant memories, until the next visit.
In the land of Galilee, our vacations are tailor–made for every client: perhaps a romantic and relaxing vacation; or an action-packed family vacation; or even a sport-filled vacation, challenging and fascinating.
The land of Galilee has some of the most spectacular and varied scenery in the world. The Hula Valley abounds with waterfalls, streams and rivers, and on the mountainsides you can find wineries and vineyards. On the Galilee Heights and the Naftali Mountain Range you will see a checkerboard of fields and orchards as well as pristine, untouched nature.
Come and see different kinds of settlements: cooperative agricultural communities (moshavim), kibbutzim, and veteran farming communities (moshavot) and the many activities they have to offer, such as horseback riding, ATV rides, visits to vineyards and oil presses and many more.
The land of Galilee invites you to enjoy an abundance of local attractions and entertainment: challenging water activities, motorized sports, nature reserves and scenic sites, sites of historical interest, visitor centers, hiking trails and more.
The land of Galilee invites you to enjoy a cultural experience - visit museums and galleries throughout the upper Galilee, and meet the inhabitants - the artists and craftsmen. Participate in the many cultural events that take place during the year, combining a rural vacation with diverse cultural and social events.
The land of Galilee invites you to a varied culinary experience with tastes for every palate, from restaurants offering a wide range of local and international cooking styles.
The land of Galilee offers you comfortable accommodation and a range of local guest rooms suited to any holiday or pocket, ranging from hotels or guest houses on kibbutzim, to B&B on moshavim and rural villages, as well as to organized camping sites and more.

You are invited to visit our site and choose a vacation that appeals to you, and we in the land of Galilee will take care of the rest: everything needed to accommodate you, pamper you and give you a real holiday experience.

Now is the time to visit the land of Galilee - the land of vacation and recreation.

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