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Land Of The Galilee - אטרקציות בגליל

Paintball Hagoshrim

Paintball Hagoshrim - +972 (0)50-5473508

In the heart of the Galilee there is a place where you can conduct a shooting game with colored balls in a beautiful location.  Suitable for women, men, children, the elderly, families and groups.  The paintball site is located in Kibbutz Hagoshrim.
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Village ATV

Village ATV - +972 (0)50-5405454

ATVs site in Kfar Yuval located in the heart of the green Galilee’s panhandle, offers a challenging drive for individuals, couples and families with new ATVs and Rangers. Varied courses accompanied with fascinating stories on the area.
/map.asp?x=-61.5&y=864&title=טרקטורוני הכפר - כפר יובל

- +972 (0)4-6860313, +972 (0)52-3791670
/map.asp?x=22&y=377&title=שירת העץ - ראש פינה
Merkaz Canada ("Canada Center") – Metulah

Merkaz Canada ("Canada Center") – Metulah - +972 (0)4-6950370

In a picturesque cooperative settlement Metulah there is one of the most beautiful tourist sites in Israel – Merkaz Canada that offers a plethora of possibilities for sports, recreation and cultural activities.
/map.asp?x=-24.5&y=920&title=מרכז קנדה - מטולה
Be’ofen Tivi- Dafna

Be’ofen Tivi- Dafna - +972 (0)54-7844964, +972 (0)54-7844577

Be’ofen Tivi provides organized cycling tours and bike rentals for independent tours. We have various kinds of bikes: regular, tandam (double), dragged bike (for age 5-8), dragged children carriage (for age 1-5).
/map.asp?x=-121&y=834&title=באופן טבעי- בדפנה
Beit Hashomer – Kfar Giladi

Beit Hashomer – Kfar Giladi - +972 (0)4-6941565

Presents the history of the Bar-Giora and Hashomer organizations, their contribution to the settlement, the recruitment of weapons & protection of the settlement. On exhibition: certificates, pictures, weapons, flags &  outfits.
/map.asp?x=-25.5&y=858.5&title=בית השומר - כפר גלעדי
Ayelet Hashachar Jeeps

Ayelet Hashachar Jeeps - +972 (0)4-6932133, +972 (0)52-3668839

Organized jeep tours starting from two hours up to a number of days. The tours are unique for 4X4 vehicles emphasizing: archaeology, nature, water, war legacy, old synagogues, tombs of the righteous and more.

/map.asp?x=-36&y=468.5&title=ג’יפים אילת השחר
Korlander farm- the milk way

Korlander farm- the milk way - +972 (0)52-4585058

An experiential tour in a modern barn along the cow’s life, experiencing milking by hand and feeding of the calves and of course fresh and delicious chocolate drink and a taste of excellent organic olive oil. The activity is for every weather.
/map.asp?x=-71.5&y=800&title=דרך החלב משק קורלנדר- בית הלל
Paintball Ayelet Hashahar

Paintball Ayelet Hashahar - +972 (0)4-6932226, +972 (0)52-8708010

The most professional and largest paintball site in the country.  Three huge fields in the green Northern nature, a hunting plot in the forest for enjoyable activities for children, a grove for events and ground lodging.
/map.asp?x=-35.5&y=468.5&title=תיירות איילת השחר
Dishon All – Terrain Vehicles (ATVs)

Dishon All – Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) - +972 (0)4-6997758, +972 (0)52-2488014

The company is located in Moshav Dishon in the heart of the Nephtali Mountains, and provides vehicles for ground trips on your own in ATVs and rangers for private clients and small or large groups.
/map.asp?x=55.5&y=572&title=טרקטורוני דישון

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