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Land Of The Galilee - Lodging

Dafna Camping

Dafna Camping - +972 (0)52-3992070

The cool Dan River replaces the Jacuzzi, the air conditioner is replaced by the pleasant wind that blows among the trees and the meal at the restaurant can be replaced with barbeque and instead of a luxurious lobby there are well kept lawns.
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Kfar Giladi Hotel

Kfar Giladi Hotel - +972 (0)4-6900000

The green hotel of the North, located in the heart of a natural and lovely plot.  This is a place to come for a time out, to calm down from the routine of life and rest, to breathe the fresh air of the peaks and to renew your energy.
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Daphna Gardens – Daphna

Daphna Gardens – Daphna - +972 (0)4-6945011, +972 (0)4-6945795

Amongst the green landscape, amid the sound of the flowing water, there are 22 accessorized family guest units.  At the site there are sports facilities, a swimming pool, barbecue areas, game apparatus for kids and a supermarket.
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Vered Hagalil Farm

Vered Hagalil Farm - +972 (0)4-6935785

30 enchanting vacation accessorized rooms made of local wood and basalt stone for couples, families and groups with a balcony, a garden and view. The cabins are located among greenery, hammocks, shaded areas & games for kids.
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Gonen Sites – Kibbutz Gonen

Gonen Sites – Kibbutz Gonen - +972 (0)4-6955220

A northern enchanting nature site with 60 accessorized guest rooms and enable you to experience a family vacation or an active romantic couple vacation.  The location is used as an exit base close to various tours and attractions in the area.
/map.asp?x=-127&y=646.5&title=נופי גונן - קיבוץ גונן
Camping Hagoshrim Kayaks

Camping Hagoshrim Kayaks - +972 (0)77-2717500

Camping in green plots on the banks of Hahatsbani River.  Greenery, lavatories and showers, roasted food, sitting tables, buffet, communal refrigerators, and a 24 hour supermarket close by, activities for kids & more...
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Snir Tourism

Snir Tourism - +972 (0)4-6952508

In Kibbutz Snir there are 18 suites in the Galilee valley and mountain landscapes, immersed in lawns and tree shadow. The suites are well kept and accessorized with all indulgences. A beautiful swimming  pool open in the summer.
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Travelers’ Hotel – Malkia

Travelers’ Hotel – Malkia - +972 (0)4-9958416, +972 (0)52-5347882

42 country guest units that are surrounded by grass and blossoming yards for couples and families.  The breakfasts are kosher in the coffee house "Hafuch on the Mountain."  There is greenery, barbeque areas and sitting areas at place.
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Hagoshrim Nature Hotel

Hagoshrim Nature Hotel - +972 (0)4-6816000

Built on the ruins of the winter castle of King Amir, who ruled in the North of Hula Valley, overlooking the Golan & snow-covered Hermon Mountain there is a unique architectural combination of old & new - an ideal place for a vacation


The HaGoshrim Kibbutz and Resort Hotel lies in the heart of the Hula Valley. Founded more than fifty years ago, it was first known as HaGoshrim Guest House.


During most of the period before the War of Independence this area was held by a Syrian leader, the Emir Fa’ur of the El Fadil tribe. He controlled the region from the beginning of  the 20th century. In 1940 he sold his lands to the Keren Kayemet and left his palace, and it was on this site that the Hagoshrim Hotel came to be built 13 years later.


In 1943, a Hapoel HaMizrachi (religious Zionist) group arrived in the area but failed to settle in successfully, looked for a new direction and moved to the center of the country where they can be found today in “Moshav Nechalim” village and Yeshivat Nechalim”,  one of the largest yeshivas (colleges for religious studies) in the country.


In the years 1944 and 1945 – three core-groups of youth movement graduates in Turkey arrived for agricultural training in the Land of Israel and named themselves “HaGoshrim”, signifying “a bridge between Israel and the Diaspora”.


In September 1948, Kibbutz HaGoshrim was founded and the members settled in the earlier “Nechalim” group’s site, interlaced with streams. This was approximately a kilometer south of the present location of the kibbutz. The young settlers suffered from the inundated area and requested the Jewish Agency’s permission to move slightly north to higher ground where they would also gain better access to the main transport route.


The ruins of the Emir Fa’ur’s palace stood in this area and were then being utilized by the kibbutz members as a storehouse, laundry and various offices. The rear part of the building, behind the stone wall now in the hotel lobby, served as part of the wall of the sheep-pen used by the young farmers.


In 1952 the idea crystallized of running a Guest House and it was a kibbutz member, Ora Reiss, who was responsible for the idea. It was through her initiative that the Guest House gates were opened.


The HaGoshrim Guest House opened in 1953, under Ora Reiss’ management, in Emir Fa’ur’s abandoned palace. The highlight for the guests was the chance to sit on wooden seats by the banks of the stream and dip their feet in the cool waters – a veritable Paradise!
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Country Bed and Breakfast - Kibbutz Moran

Country Bed and Breakfast - Kibbutz Moran - +972 (0)4-6987310, +972 (0)50-5679093

A natural grove, olive plantations and gardens blossoming in season will welcome you to the center of the Galilee.  20 minutes from Safed, Tiberias and Acre- close to the nature sites, rivers, attractions, visitation sites and recreation.
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