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Land Of The Galilee - Lodging


Miki’s - +972 (0)4-6800855, +972 (0)52-2710818

A country lodging complex located in old Rosh Pina with 5 indulging units. There are lawns, BBQs, sitting area, spice herbs, trees and flowers, colorful garden lighting and a private parking for each couple.
/map.asp?x=22&y=376.5&title=מיקיס – פאניה ויחיאל
Safed Inn

Safed Inn - +972 (0)4-6971007

Your ideal spot for touring the Galilee, Golan and Northern Israel.
Choose from 3 levels of spacious rooms – located in a big garden, on top of Mt. Canaan outside the city of Tzfat.
/map.asp?x=78.5&y=387.5&title=ארוח רוקנשטיין - הר כנען
Jacuzzi in the Forest

Jacuzzi in the Forest - +972 (0)54-2022924

Jacuzzi in the forest- a charming place among trees, hidden and overlooking the view. The place, location, trees and view, the quietness and the atmosphere create a deep experience of tranquility and relaxation. Health and spa treatments.
/map.asp?x=149.5&y=321&title=ג’קוזי ביער
In the Orchard- Beit Hilel

In the Orchard- Beit Hilel - +972 (0)4-6949102, +972 (0)52-3391152

In this enchanting place, the land of waters, in lush flora, bird chirping and running rivers are five accommodation units and cabins of Tamar and Danny Shachar, surrounded by huge pecan trees, lawns and fruit trees.
/map.asp?x=-72&y=800&title=בבוסתן - בית הלל
The House in Nature- Sde Eliezer

The House in Nature- Sde Eliezer - +972 (0)4-6801565, +972 (0)52-8885848

In a blossoming orchard are 3 country lodging units that overlook the Hermon landscape. Every unit has its own balcony, pampering breakfasts are served,  a spacious Jacuzzi suiting up to 8 people, sitting areas and hammocks.
/map.asp?x=-17&y=510&title=הבית בטבע - שדה אליעזר

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