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    Western Galilee

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    Western Galilee


    vacation in the Western Galilee

    In western Galilee you will find the most sought-after views, beaches, sites and attractions by Israeli travelers.
    A stroll through Acre's alleys, the spectacular grottos in Rosh HaNikra and the beautiful coast line between Akziv and Betzet will reveal the vast regions that touch the sea. To the west, in the mountains, you will come across the villages of the Druze, Christians and Beduin. You will become familiar with agriculural tourism and discover places that only the Western Galilee can offer.

    Western Galilee offers you 3,500 rooms in hotels, resorts, kibbutzim, moshavim (cooperative settlements) and observatories- it is a wide array that fits any budget or taste.
    In this website we have concentrated essential and updated information for your benefit that would make your vacation perfect.
    We look forward to seeing you.

    Gali Raz
    CEO of the Association of turism in Western Galilee

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