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Western Galilee - אטרקציות בגליל המערבי

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Visitor’s Center – Acre

Visitor’s Center – Acre - 20 80 70 700 1

The center has a short movie (7minutes) about Acre.  There are guided tours in Ancient Acre, the fortress of the hospitalaric neighborhood (the knight’s halls), a tour in the Templer’s cave, and interactive presentations.
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Shop for meaningness

Shop for meaningness - +972 (0)4-9918211, +972 (0)54-2330198

The shop is located in Salah A-Din street.
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Hahamam Haturky in Acko

Hahamam Haturky in Acko - 9956700 - 04

A public bathhouse that was built by El Jazzar in the year 1795 and is built in the framework of the Eastern bathhouses that were customary during the Turkish Empire in the 18th and 19th Century.  The site tells the story of the experiences of the last bath attendant.
/map.asp?x=696&y=287&title=החמאם התורכי
Sculpture Garden

Sculpture Garden - +972 (0)52-3664609

The sculpture garden, the house gallery of Ruth and Meir’ke Dodzon is the creation of unique mosaic work that is full of color, imagination and humor, incorporated in a local grove.

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The Templers’ Cave

The Templers’ Cave

From the Templers’ fortress whose remnants are covered today by the sea there was a tunnel that led to the east.  The bottom part is mined in natural rock, and its upper portion is built from granite stones and above it a half barrel dome.
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