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Western Galilee - Lodging

In the Pecan’s Shade

In the Pecan’s Shade - +972 (0)4-9817230, +972 (0)52-3374102

To wake up in beautiful wooden cabins in Bustan HaGalil, with the sea a walking distance away. To indulge oneself with a rich Israeli breakfast and go out to the green yard and swing in the hammock…

בצל הפקאן
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Silk Cabins

Silk Cabins

The Meshi Cabins offer three spectacular, fully functioning wooden cabins that are meticulously designed to the last detail. In the Western Galilean town of Me’ona, the cabins are ideal for vacationing couples and families, with its rustic and romantic atmosphere.

בקתות משי
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Yossi’s Country Cabins

Yossi’s Country Cabins - +972 (0)50-2890839, 050-2890839

Three beautiful, luxurious wooden cabins surrounded by blossoming flora, aromatic herbs and spacious green lawns – in a rustic atmosphere that provides you with much needed tranquility and rest.

הבקתות של יוסי
/map.asp?x=684.5&y=331.5&title=הבקתות של יוסי
Exotic Galilee B&B

Exotic Galilee B&B - +972 (0)54-4723176

A small path slices through the plantation leading to a small, concealed wooden cabin. Three steps up and the door opens. The room contains a kitchenette, a large double bed covered by a patchwork quilt handmade by the owner.

בקתה בבוסתן
/map.asp?x=686&y=331.5&title=בקתה בבוסתן
Above the Clouds

Above the Clouds - +972 (0)54-5241831, +972 (0)54-5241831

Sa’ad family invites you to a dream- like vacation "above the clouds" on the mountain peak of Mount Tzafrir. The accommodation in the zimmers is an authentic Druze experience with the best tradition and indulgences.

בקתות עץ מעל העננים
/map.asp?x=261.5&y=365&title=בקתות עץ מעל העננים
The Rose Cabins

The Rose Cabins

In a pastoral setting across the Sulam Tzor chain and Rosh Hanikra, we created beautiful, luxurious suites from wood among the lichi groves and rose greenhouses.
A great deal of love and thought went into every detail to meet the guests’ needs.
/map.asp?x=612&y=544.5&title=בקתות הורדים
Hadas’s love

Hadas’s love - +972 (0)4-9807262, +972 (0)50-9807262

Hadas’s wooden cabins are awaiting you in Moshav Avdon in western Galilee, on the mountain, 10 minute drive from the sea. The charming cabins are located in the midst of a private, quiet and well kept yard.
/map.asp?x=546&y=502&title=אהבת הדס
Beautiful Place

Beautiful Place - +972 (0)49808127, +972 (0)522661089

Between fruit orchards and lawns, are located ten cabins that embrace nothing but quiet, calm, euphoria and dreams, enveloped with the sweet perfume of romance. As you open the door, you discover a log cabin …
/map.asp?x=614&y=544.5&title=פרח של מקום
Zohar Bakfar - Nativ Hashayara

Zohar Bakfar - Nativ Hashayara - +972 (0)4-9822955

The zimmer is located next to Kavri intersectionon road 70.  You will find a country atmosphere, including rich breakfasts that can be served kosher upon request.  Located in Moshav Hashayara.

/map.asp?x=613&y=404&title=זהר בכפר
Shamenet- Abirim

Shamenet- Abirim - +972 (0)507497109

At the top of a Galilean house, there is a pampering accommodation unit for one couple. Some people don’t want to leave the room because of the big space, the meticulousness designing and the huge balcony that surrounds it.
/map.asp?x=100&y=100&title=שמנת -  באבירים

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