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Western Galilee - Lodging

Shachar Bakfar (Dawn in the Village)

Shachar Bakfar (Dawn in the Village) - +972 (0)546654411, +972 (0)546654410

2 cabins for couples. The inner designing is an open area with a double jacuzzi next to the bed. The cabins are equipped completely including a kitchen with a refrigerator, microwave, hotplate and a coffee kit, cable television, music system and DVD.
/map.asp?x=688.5&y=330.5&title=שחר בכפר
Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House")

Habait shel Yael ("Yael’s House") - +972 (0)4-9808226

In Moshav Betzet  there are 5 wood cabins, well accessorized, rated A and B.  They are located around a large green center surrounded by avocado plantations.  In addition, there are 2 romantic wood cabins within the avocado plantation.
/map.asp?x=598.5&y=411.5&title=הבית של יעל
Bikta Ba Matah

Bikta Ba Matah - +972 (0)4-9811771, +972 (0)54-4770015

In Bustan Hagalil in the Western Galilee, in the heart of an avocado plantation are two completely separated yet meticulously designed, secluded and luxurious wooden cabins, offering complete privacy.
/map.asp?x=690.5&y=326.5&title=בקתה במטע
Bein Galil Vayam

Bein Galil Vayam - +972 (0)54-4722946

A bird’s eye view shows the Western Galilee as a strip of land bordered by the Galilee mountains and the sea. In the heart of Bustan Ha-Galil (orchard), between the orchard, field and garden, and the sounds of chirping birds, guests can pamper themselves in luxurious, spacious suites designed for couples and families.
/map.asp?x=687&y=331&title=בין גליל וים

Birkata - +972 (0)54-4525286

Shelly and Itzik, a couple who moved to the Galilee to set up their life project in luxurious hospitality, with meticulous care. The name Birkata means blessing in Aramaic.
Birkata has 2 suites built of ancient stone that were planned and constructed by Itzik himself.
The stone houses were built in a natural grove that enters inside through a wide Belgian show-window.
Pitom Katom (Suddenly Orange)

Pitom Katom (Suddenly Orange) - +972 (0)52-3750583

Pitom Katom- zimmers in Bustan HaGalil. A quiet, pastoral rural accommodation compound, in a charming scenery, in the heart of Western Galilee, near the sea, close to tourist sites and attractions.
/map.asp?x=685.5&y=333.5&title=פתאום כתום
Keren Or (Ray of Light)

Keren Or (Ray of Light) - +972 (0)4-9822097, +972 (0)52-2269584

In Moshav Netiv Hashayara there is a place with a charming atmosphere where you can escape from the routine. A little ray of light that does good for the soul. A ray of light that penetrates the heart and makes the day peaceful.
/map.asp?x=593.5&y=399.5&title=קרן אור
Shvil Hachalav (The Milky Way)

Shvil Hachalav (The Milky Way) - +972 (0)49808242, +972 (0)502792298

Big accommodation units (2 bedrooms and a living room) for hosting families, couples and groups. The place is children friendly and has a rich play area, sitting areas and hammocks. We have a barn in which you can experience milking and feeding the calves.
/map.asp?x=612.15&y=545.3&title=שביל החלב- מושב בצת
Opposite the sunset

Opposite the sunset - +972 (0)4-9806998, +972 (0)502810360

High up above everyone, two romantic wooden cabins overlook the scenery and is a romantic studio with a corner jacuzzi next to the bed. The second a luxurious spa cabin with a huge jacuzzi, sauna and more.
/map.asp?x=544.5&y=502&title=מול השקיעה
Legendry cabin

Legendry cabin

In Abirim, among oak trees and pistachio, 2 isolated and charming wooden cabins are located. If you want to spend a vacation in nature, isolated from the world, flooded with indulgences, this is the most suitable place for you.
/map.asp?x=388&y=493&title=אגדה של בקתה

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