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Western Galilee - Events

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Sea of Western Galilee

Western Galilee

Culture, music and sport events, guided tours, trips and many special activities: the Western Galilee is going to be full of visitors during May from all over the country. During the events of 'Sea of Western Galilee' that will take place all over Western Galilee during three weekends there will be many activities (3-5.5, 10-12.5, 17-19.5).

Among the prominent events:

Cycling happening in Western Galilee
During the happening that will be held on Saturday 5.5 hundreds of riders will depart on different courses at 8:30 in the morning from Goren Park. There will be a family course of 4 km, aroung Goren Park that is suitable for all ages, a popular course of 23 km and a challenging- competitive course of 43 km. The ride is on road along the beautiful roads of Western Galilee. During the morning there will be special activities in Goren Park including extreme show with bicycle jumps and different activities for children.
For more details- Nimrod: 050-8807548, for registration:

The annual Achziv swim:
A popular and competitive swim for the ones who like the sea, nature and to swim with the most beautiful beach in the background, in clear water among natural islands. Achziv swim is already a tradition among the swimmers and will take place this year within the events of 'Sea of Wastern Galilee' events on Saturday 12.5.
During the swim there will be a number of swims in the open sea- popular swim (750 m.) and competitive swims (1500 m. & 5000m.). The swims will start at 07:30 in the morning and the activity will start in the evening before on Banana Beach with a kabalat Shabat, karaoke evening and singing on the beach under the open sky.
For more details:

After the Achziv swim on the same Saturday there will be a sea happening in Achziv beach that includes a kayak sail and an opening event for Aroma- Sap league. Sap that is also called paddle board is a new branch in the sea sports that entered Israel in the last years. During the sea happening swimmers, surfers and entertainment stars will participate in surfing and paddling competitions along the beach side by side with the Sap surfers in Israel that are participating the Aroma- Sap league that includes three different events during the summer. For more details:

The Fence art festival

The fence art festival will also be held during the 'Sea of Western Galilee' events. On 18-19.5 150 artists from Galilee will present works of art about 'Behind the fence' in a special exhibition on the surrounding fence of Kibbutz Gesher Haziv that will become a huge art gallery. The festival in which known artists are exhibiting side by side with anonymous artists attracts thousands of visitors every year. "The festival is an alternative to the art scene that takes place in white meticulous galleries, it is a non profit event and all the workers do it as volunteers", explains Amir Caspi the festival's manager, "We tried to create a possibility for artists from the periphery that some of them are almost not exposed at all, to exhibit before a large audience and at the same time to enable the public an opportunity to meer the artists and the works of art that are created in their residential area. The purpose is one- to make the art accessible to the public in an enjoyable and experiential way."
Except for the fence gallery, there will be a number of additional compounds- a art fair compound, creative workshops for children, food stands and local bands. On Friday only the fence gallery will be open and on Saturday, 19.5, the central event will take place at 10:00 until the evening in which all the compounds will operate.
The entrance is free, except for 10 ILS for parking.
For more details:

Yoga Maale Haglil

During the Sea of Western Galilee events will be held 'Yoga Maale' – the first yoga festival in the north organized by Anat Gold. There will be encounters with senior teachers from Israel and abroad, among them the guru Shanti Goldes from Cansas, USA that is arriving especially for the festival, the guru Nisim Amon, Shimon Ben Avi, Shir Sofer and more.
The event is charged and with advance registration:
Number of places is limited!

Sea of Love performances in Rosh Hanikra

The night performances in Rosh Hanikra are a special experience- intimate music shows on Thursday nights in a special atmosphere between the mountain and sea opposite the cliffs of Rosh Hanikra. The evening includes, beside the performance in a unique location, also a night visit in the Nekarot (grottos) with the light of the stars and a ride in the cable car- an experience integrating music, nature and much romance. I the upcoming spring there will be 4 special performances, some of them during the Sea of Western Galilee' events
Thursday, 3.5- Mati Caspi in an intimate show- Intimati 2012- a high quality performance integrating good music and humor with Mati's unique character and his many years of experience, he creates an exciting and unforgettable experience.

Thursday, 10.5, Ahinoam Nini in the performance "land, song". Ahinoam Nini is the most successful singer writer abroad. Because of the audience request and her desire to perform in more places in the country, Ahinoam Nini and her partner, Gil Dor are performing in an intimate show.

The series will continue with the performances of Pablo Rosenberg (31.5) and Arkadi Duchin (14.6).
The audience can enter from 20:00. The show starts at 21:45. Ticket price: 140 ILS in advance sale and 160 ILS on the show's evening.
Ticket sale:, 073-2710100

Besides these prominent events there will also be additional events among them tours guided by JFK guides, classic concert in Keshet Eilon, performances of the Kibbutz dancing group in Kibbutz Ga'aton, art exhibition, tours in the wineries, culture Saturday with Uzi Baram in Gesher Haziv, Lag Ba'omer bonfire in Goren Park, spring walk in Maalotm returning the sea turtles in Banana Beach in Achziv, a performance of Geva Alon, culture Saturday in Tefen Museum including activity for children, Kabalat Shabat in special sites and more.
In addition people dealing with tourism and businesses from all over the area will participate in the events- artists and agricultures displaying their merchandise and works of art, restaurants with special menus, lodging sites and country accommodations that will offer low prices, tourist sites that will offer special discounts for the visitors and many more initiatives in Western Galilee.

Additional details and the full program:

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