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Western Galilee - Events

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Even if it’s a trio or quartet

" Even if it’s a trio or quartet"

Monderian trio: Ohad ben Ari, piano; Daniel Barad, violin; Hila Karni, cello
Gilad Karni, viola; Lena Ivanov, contrabass

Play the trio of Hieden, quartet of Brahms and quintet of Shubert

Thursday, April 4 2013

Monderian trio was established by Ohad Ben Ari, Daniel Barad and Hila Karni. The three are Israeli musicians. During the 90's they moved to Europe and the USA for work and professional studies, each in his area. In 2006 they returned to Israel and decided to establish a new Israeli chamber trio to continue their international artistic activity in Israel. The trio is named after the Dutch painter Pit Mondrian. The trio members agreed that the name Mondrian, in the musical context indicates music in three colors (piano, violin and cello) similar to the use of three basic colors in Mondrian's works of art (blue, red and yellow). The trio is joined by the viola player Gilad Karni, the first viola in the Doitche Opera of Berlin and the contrabass player Lena Ivanov that is coming from Bulgaria and played with known orchestra in Sophia and Europe.

Price for one concert: 80 ILS, senior citizens 70 ILS
Residents of Mate Asher, Keshet Ayalon members, the visitors of the village accommodation in the area: 75 ILS
Subscription price for 6 concerts: 420 ILS for a new subscription, a senior, friend brings friend: 390 ILS.

Telephone: 04-9858131/191

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