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Western Galilee - Events

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The sounds of Chanina

The sounds of Chanina
A gesture for the songs of ChaninaKarchevsky, one of the great fathers of Hebrew song
Performed by the Upper Galilee choir, conducted by Ron Zarhi and hosted by EliyahuHacohen
Friday, June 7th, 2013

The composer ChaninaKarchevsky(1877-1926), immigrated to Israel in 1908 and was accepted as a music teacher in Gymnasia Herzliya. He established students' choirs and two youth bands, and he used to lead student parades singing pioneer songs through the streets of Tel Aviv. He composed many melodies to the words of his friends – teachers, authors and poets. Melodies that were bounded after he died in the book - The Sounds of Chanina. Among his well known songs you can find: Beshdemot Bethlehem, El Rosh Ha'Har, Agada (Al S'fat Yam Kinneret ) and others.
His songs are performed by the Upper Galilee choir, conducted by Ron Zarhi. The host of the evening is the well known Hebrew Song Researcher, EliyahuHacohen.
A single concert is: 80 NIS. Discount prices: pensioners: 70 NIS
To a Mateh Asher resident, KeshetEilon members, country lodging and hotels guests in the area: 75 NIS
Subscriber price for 6 concerts: new subscriber – 420 NIS, already subscribed/ friend brings friend - 390 NIS.
Tickets sale: 04-9858131/191
Online reservation:

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