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Western Galilee - Events

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Passover 2013 in Western Galilee

Action spring in Western Galilee
Western Galilee invites you to a kayak sail to the amazing grottos in Rosh Hanikra, one of the most beautiful tourist sites in the worlds. For details: 0523798610
Activities in the visitors' center in Bet Zinati, a tour in the four religion village guided by Uriel with a guitar, a media presentation and the show "picies of Pkiin" that tells the story of the jews that lived in the village.
Viki- 052-2223546 04-9997197

For all the family- Chairs int eh open museum in Tefen
A chair for Eliah, chair for the beach a swinging chair. You are invited to see the many chairs in the art exhibition and chair games, shows and more. From the history of the chair in culture and design to creating your own chair.
Sunday- Thursday and Saturday, 26.3-1.4.2013, 10:00-15:00
04-9109609 04-9872022

Art in Kibbutz Afek
Workshops for hand works in leather for all ages from age 5 and up. Starting from flattening metal workshop for making products such as: bracelet, key chain to professional courses for hand making works in leather from which you can make bags, belts and more.
04-8784330 / 052-8391797

Passover in Homa Umigdal Museum in Hanita
Hanita- a true pioneer story- parents and children are invited to an enriching visit experience with many challenges and assignments with a colorful activity booklet. For coordinating guidance: 049859677

Activity in Bet Lohamei Hagetaot during Passover for free
Guided tours and the workshop "butterflies color the memory" in the Child wing.
On Friday- 29.3.13, the show "Aunt Lil's doll"
The activity is for children from agge 10, for free.
Advance registration at 04-9958044-46

Going out of Egypt and entering ancient Acre- Passover in the Turkish Bazar
All over the Turkish bazaar, during Passover there will be an artist fair and activities for all the family. Among them a creative art workshop in different fields and street shows in an authentic atmosphere,
The entrance to the bazaar is for free.

Achziv Winery
Achziv Winery, a wine tasting and tour for free in the family winery in Kibbutz Gesher Haziv.
It is recommended to coordinate: 050-7713687

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