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Western Galilee - Campaigns

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Triple ticket- Acre, Rosh Hanikra and Ghetto Fighters’ Museum

Western Galilee visitors,
In the Western Galilee between the mountain and the blue sea three wonders await you in a triple ticket
History, nature and legacy- ancient Acre, Rosh Hanikra and Ghetto Fighters Museum

Ticket's price: 72 NIS that includes:
Ancient Acre:
A short film, a visit to the Hospitalarian fortress (knights' hall), the Turkish Hamam, Okashi museum, the Templar tunnel, Ranhal synagogue and Treasures in the wall Museum.

Rosh Hanikra:
Descending and ascension to the crevices with the cable, tour of the crevices, audio- visual presentation

Ghetto Fighters Museum:
The central museum includes the new wing (and a marvelous scenery observation).
House for the memory of the children (choose one of the two)

Additional information:
You can split the visit to the different sites.
The ticket is for adults and children alike.
The distance between Acre and Lohamei Hagetaot is 5 km, the distance between Lohamei Hagetaot to Rosh Hanikra is 14 km.

Details in the sites:
Ancient Acre- 04-9956706
Rosh Hanikra- 073-2710100

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