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Tzfat, Hatzor, Rosh Pina

Safed, Hatzor, Roshpina

The ZHR region offers the visitor a plethora of sights and sounds, tastes and activities. Its central
location in the heart of the Galilee, the hospitality of its people and the growing interest in nature
holidays and agro-tourism have made the region increasingly popular. Whatever one's taste in holiday destinations, there is something for everyone here – from the quaint cobblestone alleys of Safed steeped in centuries of mystic tradition to the trendy cafes, restaurants and guest houses of Rosh Pina, to the scenic nature trails of Hatzor – a stay in this gem of a region is an experience that will leave the visitor with a deep and lasting impression.

Safed has a population of almost 30,000. It is a regional center that provides services to the entire
Upper Galilee. With its history as the birthplace of Kabbalah, Safed has in recent years seen a resurgence of spiritual life and a profusion of new religious teaching establishments. The fusion of art and Kabbalah have found expression in the artwork of several intriguing local artists. The Old City with its famous ancient synagogues and cobblestone alleys, the Artists’ Quarter with its colorful studios and galleries and the relaxed attitude of its population have made Safed a “must” on the itinerary of most of the tourists visiting Israel.

Rosh Pina became a haven for young artists and artisans inspired by its pastoral setting. In recent years it is an extremely popular tourist destination, based primarily on its hundreds of B&B’s and guest houses, ranging in style from rustic charm to luxurious elegance.

Modern-day Hatzor was built not far from the ancient Tel and populated by immigrants arriving to their old-new homeland mainly from Morocco. Today it is a modern town with a busy industrial zone and a commercial center buzzing with activity. In the hills above Hatzor is the most beautiful pinewood forest in the region, with countless nature trails, breathtaking views of the Hula valley and snow-capped Mt. Hermon, as well as some of the Galilee’s finest flora and fauna.

The ZHR region is undisputably the jewel in Galilee’s tourism crown – history, archeology, culture,
religion, mysticism, art, nature and gastronomy – all concentrated in one relatively small area, and
guaranteed to leave the visitor with a sweet taste in anticipation of his next stay here.

Visit ZHR any season of the year and you will be astounded by the variety of things to see and do.

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